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The Good, The Bad and The Porn – Over Masturbation

The good side of masturbation is the satisfaction from it; the bad side is the psychological implications of over masturbation.

Case #: 381


I remember the first time that I had access to online porn. It was wonderful. I could see all the girls I wanted. I could masturbate. And the best part—I could dream about all my fantasies.

I watched porn so much that I knew the names of my favorite adult film stars. I knew the exact time location to fast forward to in order to see my favorite part of the movie. Heck, I even knew the exact moans and movements these actresses would make in their films.

Recently, I have been reading many articles about the physical and psychological implications of over masturbation because of the high levels of porn readily available online. So, should I be concerned?


Dating can present several obstacles. And no obstacle presents a more embarrassing challenge than not being able to engage in sex because of lack of excitement. But what causes the lack of excitement? Fear? Stress? Booze? Well, all of the above can lead to erectile dysfunction, but a new issue has emerged—porn.

Me and Internet in a Duel to the Death

Porn affects brain functions critical in the enjoyment and fulfillment of sex. Porn adapts the mind to experience stimulation in a method sex cannot provide—through hyperactive images. These images and sounds affect the performance of the sexual organ during intimacy with a real woman.

Internet porn, when collated with masturbation, promotes erectile dysfunction problems. While porn may not directly cause E.D., the self-stimulation that follows porn will. Each time you watch porn, you accompany the activity with masturbation, and each time you ejaculate, your body raises the levels of acetylcholine and stress hormones in the body.

These stress hormones damage the parasympathetic nervous functions while preventing the body from producing chemicals essential to a healthy nerve transmission and blood flow. With these restrictions and over productions, erections are impossible.

Taking the Bull by the Horns

It is important to understand that the solution to most sex-related problem starts with you.

Next, your body needs to heal from the years of self abuse. A Botanical Formula for Erection Rejuvenation may help with this healing process as it includes essential ingredients such as Cnidium, Schisandra and Cuscuta that maintain a rock-hard erection, boost nitric oxide and fix oxidative damage to the penile tissue caused by over masturbation.

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