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All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Go – The Scourge of Youth Impotence

What happens when you're 19 years old and struggling to keep it up? That's exactly what happened to one man, and the cause of his youth impotence is something that millions of young men come to grips with (literally and figuratively). Learn the facts, and see if you're also at risk.

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I am 19-years old and am already having problems with my erections. I have seen my doctor and he told me it was probably psychological, but he prescribed me the blue pill just in case. When I took the blue pill, it had no effect on my erection and after intercourse I would pretty much just pass out. I have been masturbating since I was 12-years old, pretty much every day since I learned how. I sometimes masturbated more than twice a day. It would be greatly appreciated if you could help me and I thank you for your time.


I think you hit the nail right on the head. At 19 years old, your erections should be as solid as Mount Everest, and if you're having a hard time keeping it up, there's definitely something out of the ordinary at work, and your years of constant masturbation may provide a very important clue.

There's a principle known as Occam's Razor (if you've ever watched House, maybe you know what I'm talking about), which suggests that the simplest answer is usually the right answer. And based on the information at hand, it sounds like years of chronic masturbation have caused you to come face to face with the scourge of youth impotence. But don't panic. All hope is not lost.

Youth Impotence – Why Has My Penis Betrayed Me?

When people hear the word “impotence,” they tend to picture frowning old men in Viagra commercials, but the symptoms of impotence can effect people at any age. You see, there are certain hormones and neurotransmitters that are essential to healthy sexual function. These include fancy names like nitric oxide, DHT, testosterone, dopamine and serotonin.

These chemicals work together to keep the factory running efficiently, by providing healthy blood flow to the penis, allowing for maximum arousal, restoring penile tissue and even allowing you to ejaculate. But like all natural resources, these chemicals are limited.

The more you masturbate and have sex, the more you deplete these important ingredients, and when you have insufficient hormones, you're going to notice that your penis just doesn't spring forward quite like it used to.

What's more, too much masturbation can inflame your prostate, making it more difficult to maintain an erection and produce the necessary semen to achieve an earth-shattering orgasm. So there are a lot of variables at work here.

Getting Your Groove Back

First, I would urge you to scale way back on the masturbation. Toss out the porn videos, put a cap on the lotion bottle, put a filter on your Web browser if you have to. For the time being, you shouldn't masturbate at all. At least not until you resume some semblance of healthy sexual function.

Additionally, I would encourage you to try an herbal remedy that contains cnidium. Cnidium reverses youth impotence by raising testosterone levels, repairing damaged tissue and improving blood flow to the penis. Before long, you'll feel like a rock hard rock star once again (SEE MORE: Revitalize Your Erections with Cnidium).

And if ever you feel like the urge to masturbate is just too great, just watch the movie Calendar Girls. After seeing a bunch of naked old ladies frolicking around, you may never want to masturbate again.

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