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Rubbing the Magic Lamp – The Dangers of Penis Pumps and Over-Masturbation

Have you thought about using a penis pump to increase your size? Think again! Before you do irreversible damage, learn one poor guy's painful story and see why penis pumps are bad for your sexual health.

Case #: 528


I feel sexually weak and I believe it’s because I masturbated a lot. I also used a vacuum pump to enlarge my penis three or four times and now I believe it has affected my erection and size. Please advise me on how can I overcome this problem and that if there are possibilities to increase the penis size.


In literature and films, we often encounter stories about down-on-their-luck protagonists who discover a genie in a bottle. From Aladdin to Bedazzled to I Dream of Jeannie, the story is always the same. The well-meaning protagonist makes a wish, only to find that the fulfillment of that wish causes more harm than satisfaction.

In that respect, a penis pump is kind of like a magic lamp. Like so many young men, you wished for a larger penis, but the genie in the bottle gave you more than you bargained for. As the old cliché goes, “Be careful what you wish for.” Based on their marketing, you would think that penis pumps are miracle products, but they can actually be very dangerous. They can rupture blood vessels and bruise your penile tissue. That makes it more difficult for blood to fill the chambers, leaving you with soft erections and an even smaller penis.

Masturbation – Keep Rubbing, but You Won't Find a Genie Inside

Then there is the masturbation issue. I'm guessing that too much masturbation is what caused your feelings of sexual weakness in the first place. This is a problem faced by millions of guys. After all, it feels good, it relieves stress, it quiets the noise inside your head.

Hell, masturbation is better than any prescription you'll find at a drug store. But too much can cause you to become sexually exhausted. You deplete your androgen hormones (like testosterone), which are essential to healthy sexual function, and you inflame your prostate by overworking the assembly line. So the first step is to take your hand off the magic lamp and let the genie rest for a while.

Stronger, Larger Erections - Your Wish is Granted

All right, so the genie left you alone in the desert with your pants down, but hope is not lost! There are some herbs that can help you get your mojo back in very little time. For instance, cistanche and ginseng can improve blood flow to the penis, helping you to achieve stronger erections, while deer antler helps to repair those damaged nerves.

Cuscuta improves your overall sexual function by increasing the production of nitric oxide and intra-cavernosal pressure. You can find herbal remedies that contain all of these ingredients and more, and I highly recommend that you try one for yourself.

But whatever you do, just promise me one thing: Throw that deadly penis pump in the trash where it belongs.

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Neil Williams
11/19/2023 5:45:00 PM
In response to the young poster ahead of me, I think it’s okay to keep up normal levels of masturbation, but just don’t overdue it! If you start to feel any sort of sexual weakness, or a lack of erections, or a problem with orgasm, you need to take a break. It sounds like you’re very gentle on your penis; that’s good! If you feel numbness or tingling, that’s a bad sign, and you need to stop masturbating immediately.

If you ever hope to please a female partner, you do need to cut down on the levels of masturbation. You’re going through your sex hormones at a very high rate, If you don’t balance them, you’ll end up having E.D. before too long. Try cutting your masturbation down to one time per day and see how you feel. Try making your masturbation sessions count by extending the time it takes you to climax, and see how much more satisfied you are. I think more young men should be as open about their problems as you are, before it’s too late.
Alan Yates
11/19/2023 5:45:00 PM
i love to masterbate but now I’m scared! i don’t have a girlfriend or anything else i can take all my sex stress out on. isn’t there some way i can keep masterbateing with out messing up my penis for good? i haven’t used a penis pump, or any kind of toys besides my hands. i use alots of lotion and don’t pull to hard or anything.

i am 25 with a very high sexdrive, i usually jackoff twice per day, sometimes 3 times. if i don’t masterbate i don’t know what i can do with myself. i feel horny all the time i just see some girl on the street and i start to think about her. is there some other way to get rid of these feelings or can some one give me some advise on what i can do? i want my penis to work for a long time still.
Antonio Sandoval
11/19/2023 5:45:00 PM
I went through a period like this when I was about 22. I was masturbating constantly, a couple of times per day, but when I began seeing a new girl, I was ashamed of my lack of size and bought a penis pump to increase my size. However, after just a few times my penis began decreasing in size and my erections were worse than ever. Plus, the girl I’d been seeing somehow found my penis pump and confronted me, which was so embarrassing I couldn’t see her again

Somehow, I stumbled upon this website, upon which I learned that it’s bad news for your goods to continually masturbate, and especially to use a penis pump. After reading some of the stories, I was glad I hadn’t done worse to my penis! I wasn’t numb, and I didn’t have any bruising, but my erections were weak and far between. However, after a couple weeks rest, and beginning the Penile Injury supplement, my erections returned in quantity, and now, a year later, I’m harder than I ever was. Don’t be led astray by penis pumps!

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