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Soft Erections? Maybe Your Penis Has Sprung a Leak

Did you know that a venous link can kill your sexual performance? Learn the startling facts, and find out what you can do about it?

Case #: 1600


I have a few questions, I recently discovered some varicose veins in my penis. After some reading I discovered that this won't go away and this might be a venous leak. Will this affect my erection or performance or does it not matter? I masturbate and I don't have a problem with precum leaking, but when I am with a girl I notice there is precum. Is this precum normal or is because of the leak? I don't want to have problems with not being able to last long.


Trying to have sex with a venous leak is like trying to drink a Slurpee through a cracked straw. Technically the fluid will find its way to the surface, but it's not going to be the smooth, effortless experience that it should be. After all, that sweet, strawberry delight must navigate a tunnel that's rife with structural failures, and as a result, quite a bit of that liquid is going to slip through the cracks. And just to avoid any confusion, the “strawberry delight” to which I'm alluding is not your semen, but the blood that fills and reinforces your penis for an erection. Okay, so you'll have to forgive the labored metaphor, and also forgive me for permanently ruining Slurpees for you.

Cause and Effect

Let's reverse-engineer this problem. A venous leak does cause weak erections, and that in turn will impact your performance in the bedroom. After all, you need blood to fill those chambers along your penis, and the venous leak is causing blood to seep out. It's like someone let the air out of your balloon animal. So what causes this leak? Most likely, the culprit is chronic masturbation. If you can't even count how many times you've masturbated this week, you're probably doing it too much. Excess masturbation causes scarring and tissue damage, and that weakens the structural integrity of your penis. Which leads me to my next point...


You mentioned a problem with precum and premature ejaculation. While these issues are not directly related to venous leaks, they do have the same root cause (say it with me now): excess masturbation. That's because chronic masturbation also inflames your prostate. It's just the gift that keeps on giving. In other words, if you want to reverse the symptoms that you're experiencing now, and also prevent further symptoms from emerging, you need to start by scaling back on the reckless self-exploration. Give it a rest once in a while, and your body will thank you.

Remedying the Venous Leak

Finally, you're probably going to want to take care of those unsightly varicose veins on your penis. After all, I've never read a work of classy erotica that included the words, “And then he cast aside his towel to reveal his smooth, veiny manhood.” Luckily, there are some great herbal remedies that include ingredients like Licorice, Griffonia and Cistanche to strengthen penile nerves and reverse venous leaks. (SEE: Anti-Aging Penis Health & Venous Leak Relief) When combined with masturbatory moderation, they will help you to look better, feel better, and (best of all) perform better.

What to do

Incredible Anti-Aging Solution for Penile Nerves & Venous Leak

This formula can help to restore erections to their healthy state for those suffered from venous leak problems

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