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Kidney Pain May Be Caused by Over-Masturbation

His chronic kidney pain may be linked to over-masturbation.

Case #: 29928


I am still nifty after 50. Being 75, I still enjoy a healthy lifestyle. I swim. I bike. I even engage in sexual activity. Yes, even for an old guy, I can still stick-and-move like if I were 20. Despite my vigor, I suffer from the same aches and pains folks my age would. My knees ache at times. My back hurts. Even my kidneys produce pain. I can stand the knee and back pain, but it’s the aching and throbbing of my kidneys that I cannot stand. What can I do to alleviate the pain?


Nice to see that you remain active. Physical activity, even at your age, will help ward off future problems. Just because you reach a certain age does not mean life stops.

No, no, no, these are your golden years. Enjoy them! Now, as for your problem, kidney pain—unrelated to any type of serious condition or illness—can be cause by excessive masturbation.

Even for someone your age, masturbation can present a slew of problems. If you know you masturbated excessively as a youngster, then your pain may be directly linked.

For a senior as yourself, 5-HTP is great for alleviating pain.

Remember, your body inflammation may have been caused by the years of abusive masturbation/sexual intercourse you engaged in. For now, take it easy. Take some all-natural supplements, and refrain from any type of sexual activity.

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