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Penile Weightlifting: The Most Destructive Practice For The Penis

Penile weightlifting devices have ruined his penis.

Case #: 29511


I, like most males in my position, wanted a larger, thicker penis. My reasoning for it was that If I could attain a larger size, my sexual relationship with my partner would be better. I looked around for the safest, most affordable method. I discovered that pumps could damage blood vessels and bruise tissue. I noticed that stretches could contort the image of the penis, and I saw that injections made for a painful experience. Instead, I decided to perform weightlifting exercises on my penis.

I performed the exercises on and off for a couple of months. I saw a significant size increase. I even noticed a much happier girlfriend thanks to my added size, but despite the increased elation both my girlfriend and I felt, our newfound liveliness did not last long.

I noticed that the head of my penis started to become numb. I loss most sensation in my penis, and I found it cumbersome to gain an erection. The times I did manage to get hard, I witnessed my erections slowly deflate like a balloon. What have I done to myself?


While it’s nice to see you participated in some research while attempting to enhance your penis size, you should have done a bit more on penile weightlifting. Penile weightlifting, as with the other penis enhancement methods, is very destructive on your body.

The excessive force applied to the tissue and blood vessels can damage and alter the sensation and appearance of your penis. It appears that your numbness and weak erections are caused by your weightlifting.

The Damage Done

Think of the penis as one giant spongy tissue filled with intertwining blood vessels. Now think of penile weightlifting as a knife, cutting through the tissue and damaging the precious vessels and nerve endings. When the penis sustains damage, it can no longer respond as it once did.

Penile weightlifting can rupture the blood vessels because of the amount of pressure felt by the weights. Once the vessels rupture, your penis cannot gain the necessary blood to power an erection. The bruised tissue caused by the weights will lead to sensitivity issues, making it much hard to gain an adequate erection. As for the damaged nerve endings, these communication highways will be unable to signal the necessary messages from the brain and hormones to power an erection.

The Healing Process

Damage to the penis requires a long, often difficult recovery process. Because damage to the vessels, tissues, and nerve endings can be severe, your body will need time to recover and rest. The body will too need certain vitamins and minerals that will help actuate the healing process much faster.

All-natural recovery supplements (SEE: Penile Injury & Damage Repair) can provide essential vitamins and minerals in abundance, making these products valuable during your recovery. Aside from vitamins, the body will need a complete rest from sex. You will need to abstain from sex for a few months to allow the body to heal properly.

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