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When Getting an Erection Isn’t the Main Concern, But Losing Sensations Is

He is a compulsive masturbator. His incessant masturbation habits have lead to several sexual dysfunctions.

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I am 32-year old male who works in the psychology field. My problem is obvious: I am a compulsive masturbator. I masturbate daily—often reaching an ejaculation multiple times a day. Whenever I feel tense, angry, or happy, I masturbate. It helps calm my mind. As a married man, I have happy, healthy sex often. Except sex cannot impede my urges to masturbate. Now, my excessive desire to masturbate has seized—even my desire for sex has gone missing.

Over the last few months, my penis has shrunk by about 40-50% its original size. Erections seem impossible to maintain, while I feel no sensation in my penis. As a result of my sexual dysfunctions, my sex drive has disappeared. I masturbate much less; I even engage in sexual activity once a month. Now, I feel the frustration building—even the wife continues to pester me for some intimacy. Please, I need to regain my penile sensation back.


It seems that over-masturbation has turned into an obsession. You may be masturbating for some deeper, psychological reason, rather than just a “release” of sexual frustration. First, you may want to address your psychological problems first and then your sexual dysfunctions. As for your problems, over-masturbation continues to leave your body in a dilapidated state, resulting in your current predicament.

Get Your Hormones in Check
Your erections are powered by hormones. Hormones send signals to the brain to converge necessary neurotransmitters and blood to the chambers of the penis to prepare for sex. When hormones experience an imbalance, due to excessive masturbation, you start to see erections weaken and sensation disappear.

When you masturbate in excess, the body can experience an imbalance of dopamine, norepinephrine, epinephrine, acetylcholine, and serotonin levels. Each hormone plays a critical role in keeping your erections hard, providing sensation, controlling an ejaculation, and offering stimulation. Below is a quick overview of the how each hormone or neurotransmitter affects your erections:

  • Testosterone helps power an erection. When this hormone experiences a sudden dearth in production, your erections will disappear
  • Serotonin controls your mood. When serotonin levels experience a depletion, your mood can change too, while your ability to control an ejaculation may diminish as well
  • Dopamine levels control how pleasurable activities feel. When dopamine levels are low, you require more stimulation to feel satisfied
  • Acetylcholine lowers heart rate and acts as an excitatory neurotransmitter. When acetylcholine levels dip, you start to loose all sensation in your penis

Over-Masturbation Dangers
Over-masturbation drains your brain and spinal fluids, which are used to synthesize the neurotransmitters. Generally, if the brain and spinal fluids are warmed up by the atmospheric temperature and the external heat, their chemicals will become neurotransmitters such as dopamine, acetylcholine and serotonin to lighten up your mind, mood, libido, and erection. When the atmospheric temperature is low, you will become moody and depressive because of a lack of neurotransmitters in your brain and neurons.

Depletion of these essential neurotransmitters, hormones, and nerve ending damages have negatively affected your sensation receptors along the penis shaft, which cause you to go limp, see penile shrinkage, and experience no sensation.

Restore Size & Sensation Back
For a man in your position, you must identify why you masturbate so much. Once you do so, you can start to address the physical ailments that plague your body. Over-masturbation will continue to drain your body of necessary neurochemicals. You need to refrain from the activity to see a return of balance to your body. Aside from not masturbating, take herbal solution to rejuvenate damaged penile and nerves for restoring the sensation. Herbs in herbal supplements will help eliminate toxic buildup caused by over-masturbation and improve the sensation and also massage your penile x-spot to regain back the size.

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