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When my girlfriend is giving me oral sex I don’t ejaculate fast. But when I’m having sex with her I ejaculate in like 3-5 minutes.

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When my girlfriend is giving me oral sex, I don't ejaculate fast. But when I'm having sex with her, I ejaculate with 5 minutes. My girlfriend is really mad at me. She thinks I am selfish SOB that has all the pleasure and she can’t enjoy sex at all. I feel very weird and depressed. I've been very depressed lately, because she might be leaving me soon.


Most likely that you have very weak parasympathetic sexual nerves, deficiency of HGH, DHEA and testosterone. Most circumcised male have penis keratinization at their penis forehead. So the sensory receptors underlying the penis were already damaged during circumcision or keratinized through years of rubbing against underwear. Therefore, there is not much sensation at the first third part of the penis and oral sex would not stimulate to invoke an ejaculation.

Once you have inserted the entire penis into the vagina, it’s a totally different story. Every part of your penis is being stimulated by vaginal contraction. If you have weak parasympathetic sexual nerves, you simply can’t control the ejaculation valve and resulted in premature ejaculation. You can delay your ejaculation up to 40 minutes with Natural Ejaculation Control Technique.

To prevent your girlfriend from leaving you, you need to give her a surprise too. Take herbs from Botanical Concoction For Penile Tissue Rejuvenation & Growth to enlarge your penis. Potent herbs from this formula will help you rejuvenate damaged penile tissues, repair nerve endings, and keep your HGH, DHEA, and testosterone level up naturally. Once you can expand your penis to an extreme, you will feel your sex organs boiling and your penis is like a solid rod, but your brain is very cool and calm.

If your mind is calm, you are able to hold ejaculation and allow you to perform many sexual positions to excite your girlfriend. She will love you so much.

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Irvin Pizarro
11/19/2023 5:45:00 PM
Sounds like you are having some personal problems. How often you masturbated at a young age has a lot to do with your performance. Because masturbation is very similar to oral sex your body just adjusts to it and when the intercourse is introduced the body gets really excited for something new. My suspicion is that you may have masturbated too much at a young age and that is causing these problems for you.

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