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Thanks To You, My Blood Pressure Is Sky High! Tale of High Blood Pressure Linked Premature Ejaculation

Learn how other bodily malfunctions can deter you from achieving total, and complete sexual satisfaction. And what you can do to prevent them from happening.

Case #: 1933


I'm a 35 year old male, and have been struggling with my weight for many years. I just recently had a physical, and my doctor said I needed to get my blood pressure down. This got me thinking. I've also had many sexual experiences were I cannot help but to prematurely ejaculate. Could my high BP have something to do with my premature ejaculation?


You are definitely on the right track with your thinking. High blood pressure can, and will have many different affects on the body. It increases your chances of lacking proper blood circulation to the legs and other extremities, it paves the way for kidney disease and heart attack. And it also has the ability to cause premature ejaculation in men who wouldn't normally have to deal with it otherwise.

Get Low And Loose
Nobody wants to have to deal with any malfunction of the penis, but unfortunately, some of us have to. Before you start any form of treatment for your premature ejaculation, you must first look into getting your body down to your ideal weight.
Most likely, your doctor gave you a certain amount of weight that he or she would like to see you lose. Use that number as your goal, and once the pounds start to shed, everything else you do to prevent the early ejaculation will fall into place much more easily.
Diet And Exercise
As far as what to eat and what not to eat goes, I would stay away from any processes foods, red meats, and fatty or salted snacks. And start to think of sugar as public enemy number one.
Once the diet is all sorted, you may start to think about some breathing practices. Learning some basic aspects of meditation practices can greatly improve your health and your sex life. Studies have shown that men who spend as little as five minutes a day, deeply breathing in full-measured breaths, and holding it for about the length of time it takes to count to three, will greatly reduce their climactic reaction time.
How To Fix It
I would also suggest utilizing some natural remedies that include ingredients such as Jujube, Nacre, Astragalus Complanatus, Fructus Rosae Laevigatae, Grape Seed , and Tribulus. (TRY: SOS-Save Our Sex Ejaculation Control) These herbs are great for increasing testosterone levels, cleansing the body of damaging toxins like free radicals typically located in the blood vessels of the penis, and lowering high blood pressure.
A combination of good diet and exercise, proper breathing technique during intercourse, and these herbs are sure to clear you of ever having to deal with an embarrassing situation again. Premature ejaculation can be an awkward situation to handle, but the good news is, you practically have all the tools you need to get started on the road to your new way of living!

What to do

SOS Herbal Remedies For Fast Release Ejaculation with High Blood Pressure

Repair and rejuvenate damaged blood vessels and nerve endings caused by high blood pressure.

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