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Rein In, There, Cowboy

He's enough of a gentleman to want to please his woman for an extended period of time. Is it possible? Read on, get the facts, and find out for yourself.

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I was wondering whether you recommend anything for increasing my sexual stamina and postponing ejaculation. I have pretty healthy sexual relations - no premature ejaculation or anything -- but I'd love to go longer with my woman.


These days, we're used to instant gratification, or at least a minimal delay. The microwave oven lets you heat and serve a reasonably nutritious meal in a matter of minutes. The telephone grants you live communication with people on the other side of the planet. And, of course, the Internet gives you access to any number of products and services as quickly as you can type in the web-page addresses, as long as your data connection has sufficient bandwidth.

When A Hair Trigger Is More Than You Need

However, sex still takes a certain amount of time. Worse, men can go from flaccid to orgasm a LOT faster than the ladies. Since we're a ways away from re-wiring the female orgasm mechanism to match the men's speed, the well-mannered gentleman will learn to slow himself down to match the pace of his partner's progress to paroxysm.

Squeeze It, Don't Pull It

For most people picking up a firearm for the first time, there is a strong temptation to yank the trigger as hard as possible. However, this is an excellent way to reduce accuracy, which rarely results in the shot landing where the shooter desires. Likewise, men who've masturbated to excess in their youth or have no sexual experience at all may find themselves “firing” well before their partner is ready to climax.

Most often, this is the result of poor training. Specifically, when a man begins to masturbate at a young age and practices going from flaccid to ejaculation as quickly as possible. This habit usually remains a part of the man's sexual experience even when he has a partner.

The most effective response is usually to get used to going slowly as possible. A patient and self-confident partner is an invaluable help in pursuing this goal, as simple positive reinforcement for even incremental success can go a long way toward achieving it.

Adjusting The Pull

To be fair, 3 to 8 men in ten will experience premature ejaculation at least a few times in their lives. But for those times when you keep going off half-cocked, there are ways to address the problem. Assuming that you're able to maintain an erection adequately but now you want to keep it going for even longer as a matter of pride in workmanship, you might look into reducing your consumption of various things like caffeine (which reduces your endurance), and saturated-fat (which clogs your blood vessels).

Considering that your erection is created and supported by hydraulic pressure of blood inside special tissues inside your penis, this would seem to be a very, very important consideration. You may also wish to increase your exercise regimen, specifically to increase your general metabolism as well as your testosterone levels

If you're starting from an otherwise healthy erection, you may wish to experiment with an all-natural herbal supplement designed to help your body repair the neural connections controlling your orgasm more efficiently, as well as letting you build up your excitement more slowly, to keep pace with your partner's arousal progress.

Single-Action Mechanism

In professional parlance, this refers to the slowest-firing category of firearms. The user needs to do a lot of work himself, but this also means that such firearms are the safest type, since firing it can be stopped at any one of several stages of the process. Likewise, the male ejaculation/orgasm process goes through at least three distinct phases before it can be restarted, which present obvious parallels to the “reloading” process.

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