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For Younger Sufferers of Premature Ejaculation : Lifestyle Changes That Help

He continues to suffer from premature ejaculation problems caused by over-masturbation

Case #: 29328


I started masturbating at the young age of 7. Since then, I have been unable to control my urges. Morning day and night I find myself thinking about sex. My arousal gets so bad that I masturbate. I do it often too, as many as 2-3 times a day. When I am unable to masturbate, I notice my mood changes. I feel angry and depressed. Even my concentration feels non-existent.

Now, I feel as if my masturbation habits have actuated a slew of unwanted problems. When I engage in sex, I cannot last very long. I ejaculate within the first few minutes. My girlfriend has expressed some frustration, and I too am starting to worry. I fear that my inabilities will lead to her leaving me. Please help me!


Well, you are correct, masturbation will ruin your sexual endurance. Think of your sexual endurance like a rubber band. You can stretch and stretch it, but it will always returns to its original form. However, overstretch the rubber band and you risk breaking it. Sex, as with the rubber band, can be stretched and stretched. If you engage in the activity too much, you risk damaging your body. In your case, it appears you overstretched yourself to a point of exhaustion.

Premature Exhaustion

Premature ejaculation can occur to even the most experienced of men—from seasoned lovers to professional adult stars. Sometimes, you lack focus, and BAM, you ejaculate unexpectedly. When it occurs often, like in every sexual encounter, then you can start to look into other additional factors, such as stress, poor diet, drug or alcohol abuse, and yes, excessive masturbation.

You too have trained your sympathetic nerves to have a quick orgasm or ejaculation response to sexual simulation. Your mind has become accustom to reaching an orgasm to hyperactive images rather than live stimulation. Now, during sex, you orgasm fast because that is how your mind and body have become adapted.

Retrain Your Body

Your mind has become altered. It needs to be retrained. How? By abstaining from any type of sexual activity. That means no sex. No masturbation. Not even pornography. No sex will allow your body to recuperate from the imbalance of hormones, while readjusting your stimulation threshold. If you wish to recuperate faster, you may want to take herbal supplements that help restore hormone balance while strengthening the ejaculation valve.

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