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Jelqing Is Not A Good Method for Stretching Your Penis

I stretched my penis while being flaccid and suddenly my penis contracted to the size of a peanut

Case #: 513


I have never been interested in penis pumps or enhancement pills, but jelqing looked natural. I started doing the stretches only for five minutes. I stretched my penis while being flaccid, and I followed all the instructions. I might have pulled too hard, and suddenly my penis contracted to the size of a peanut. After my accident, I was not able to maintain an erection. What is wrong with me?


There is nothing wrong with you other than being too obsessive about the length of your manhood. All men have different lengths of their organ that function during intercourse. It is not the length of a penis that matters; it’s the width. Width enhances the sensation during penetration and width will make her much happier than length. Jeqling may increase the length, but at a dangerous cost.

Besides, you can learn all sorts of technique to help appease her sexual desires. Oral intercourse, for instance, can provide a great warm up before intercourse. A few gentle kisses where it counts most can give her the pleasure she desires. Of course, trying certain positions too can ensure she’s pleased—on top will help a man as your self.

Remember, if you bring no attention to the length of your penis, neither will she. A woman cares more about technique and emotional satisfaction than physical gratification. The more time you spend brooding over the size of your penis, the more she will notice its size. Try to not focus so much on the size. Instead, work on your technique. Improve where possible, and if all else fails, learn to emotionally please her.

What Jelqing Does?

Jelqing stretches the penile tissue to the point where it can actually cause damage to those interior tissues. That damage can cause the penis to shrink suddenly. However, it will return to normal size once it heals. You just have to give it the time it needs to do that.

Jelqing, like penis pumps, can damage the tissue of the penis. Once bruised, the tissue cannot get enough blood from the body to maintain an erection. Once the damage has occurred, it can take months to fix.

What To Do?

In the meantime, you need to take care of your member so that it can return to normal health as quickly as possible. One herb that can help is aconitum-carmichaelii, which repairs the interior chambers of your penis so that it can receive blood flow properly and expand its width.

Other beneficial herbs such as Damiana and Panax-Ginseng prove effective for fixing the damaged tissue, nerve endings and blood vessels that may have been damaged due to Jelqing. If you continue to experience the emotional pain and weak to non-existent erections, try some of these natural remedies to see an improvement in your body’s chemistry and natural functioning.

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