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The Wrong Kind Of Exercise

Here's a guy who's enjoyed an active and fulfilling sex life for years, until recently. He's started to ejaculate in a matter of minutes after the party has started, sometimes even more quickly. He tried to build up his stamina by masturbating more often, but that only made the problem worse. What went wrong? Read on, get the facts, and find out what you can do if you notice his symptoms sound familiar.

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I've always had a very good sex life and have never had problems with ED or anything. Lately, though, I've been having trouble cumming a few minutes after penetration, sometimes less. It's like I can't control it. I've always masturbated a lot -- like twice a day since I was a teenager. I thought maybe I could build my stamina back up if I increased my masturbation, but now I can't even hold my cum while masturbating. What is happening to me?


It's very difficult to get away from the message embedded in practically every form of advertising available that you need to be bigger, stronger and last longer, whether you're a guy or a girl.

Your Penis Is Not Like The Rest Of You

There's nothing wrong with being healthy and physically fit, as long as you follow a proper diet and exercise plan. But there's a very serious problem with thinking that you can “exercise” your penis the same way you exercise the rest of your body.

**For Your Information: In many species of mammals, including various primates, there is an actual bone in the penis called a baculum. **

You've called it a “boner” (go ahead and admit it; no one has to know) but the fact of the matter is that the human penis has no bones in it. There are no muscles in it, either. Your penis becomes erect through hydraulic pressure: your corpora cavernosa and corpora spongiosum become engorged with blood, which stiffens it like a high-pressure fire hose, and the blood is released when the valves receive the particular biochemical and neural signals that you have ejaculated.

When you ejaculate, more is going on that just your genitals squirting a few milliliters of viscous fluid into your partner (or the reservoir of a condom, or whatever). There's a very complex series of biochemical processes and neurological procedures that all have to cascade in the correct sequence for your ejaculations/orgasms to function properly. Think of your body as a sophisticated computer-aided design and manufacturing facility: raw materials go in one end and finished goods (and waste products) come out the other.

Your mechanism isn't as efficient as it might be, though. Every time you ejaculate, your body expels some mass, depletes some very important hormones (like prostoglandin E-1, which helps you recover from ejaculations) and nutrients, releases various waste materials and your organs get pushed fairly hard. If you made a point of resting at least two full days between each orgasm, exercising in moderation, drinking lots of clean water and eating the right amounts of the correct nutrients, you would be able to maintain that pace for quite some time. But masturbating to orgasm twice a day, every day for what sounds like several years (during which time your nutrition and exercise regimen might not have met your body's needs) will NOT do the same thing.

With specific reference to your premature ejaculation, you're fighting against the high levels of stress hormones and neurotransmitters in your bloodstream left over from your most recent orgasms. Your body definitely needs them as part of the natural ejaculation cycle, but not in the amounts that are present immediately afterward, or even up to 48 hours after an ejaculation. Ever been in a fire drill with the alarm shrieking, even half an hour after everyone's out of the building and accounted for? The noise gets irritating; that's the aural equivalent of the chemical noise in your bloodstream. Your body thinks that it's still getting the signal to ejaculate, even if you haven't actually finished or really gotten started.

What Can I Do?

First, reduce your masturbatory sessions as much as possible. Optimally, you should go without ejaculating for up to three weeks, which should give your liver a chance to rebuild itself as well as filter out all the leftover stress hormones from excessive masturbation. You should also talk with your health-care provider to get some tips on improving your diet, like drinking more water and eating more fresh vegetables. You should also investigate exercising other parts of your body to increase your testosterone levels. While you pursue that, you might consider using an herbal supplement designed specifically to help restore your body to a more healthy state. (SEE: Stopping and Starting for Premature Ejaculation)

Then, AFTER your body has recovered, you may investigate possible avenues of increasing your sexual stamina that will actually work.

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