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Butt-Humpin’ Bootcamp & the New Wave of Lubes

A man in his sexual prime and his horny girlfriend want to try doing anal, but he is a little confused as to what kind to get. Let’s see if we can help him out before me makes a mistake...

Case #: 1934


I’m a healthy, highly sexual male in my sexual prime. My girlfriend and I are a little confused about anal sex. We both want to try it but have no idea what sort of lube we should be using.

Does one lube only for her vagina and another for anal? We have watched porn and it seems as though the lube (if any) that they use for anal looks thicker. Is that a special kind of lube?


Sam had been fantasizing about Tracey for years – ever since high school. He’d been a tall gangly kid during those years and so had been afraid to approach her in any way, shape, or form. After all, she had beautiful long brunette hair, a pretty face, perky, ample boobs, and a nice tight rear end. She also drove him crazy with her long tan legs.

By the time Sam finally got up enough nerve to inform her of his feelings, she had told him that she was dating Todd, the resident a-hole jock. That had put an end to his efforts for the time being but he still lusted after her from afar, even when she was in the arms of Todd.

Lining up the Target

Almost a decade later, Sam had filled out well after joining the military and somehow word of this had caught the attention of Tracey, who had since their high school days developed a thing for military men. While home on leave, Sam was at a party and Tracey had shown up. This time Tracey was more responsive to him and they flirted and exchanged numbers.

The two of them talked on the phone for a little bit and even though Sam told Tracey that he only had a few days left of leave until he had to return overseas, she said that she was too busy going to beauticology school but that she’d probably be able to see him the night before he left.

Last Chance

In the intervening days and nights, Sam fantasized about not only having sex with Tracey vaginally, but also getting in-between those tight little tanned buns he’d spied sticking out from beneath her equally tight shorts, while at the party. She’d even hinted at being open to anal if he knew what he was doing.

Finally, the fateful day came and Tracey agreed to see Sam on his final day of leave. He’d searched for a good lube to use, thinking that one would work for everything. That evening he showed up promptly at 7pm as agreed and Tracey greeted him at the door in a skimpy top and skirt which barely covered her butt cheeks.

“Did you get the lubes?” she questioned him while standing in the doorway.

“Lubes? Well I got a lube, yeah,” he answered.

“Let me see,” she demanded.

Sam quickly produced a tube of lube from his pocket and showed it to her.

“That’s only for vaginal sex! Where’s the anal lube?”

“Uh, what do you mean, I thought they were all the sa—”

“What an amateur!” and with that she slammed to door in Sam’s dejected face.

The New Generation

Since the 1960s, when anal lubes first appeared on the market, people have had more options available for sex. Now sex partners could have one kind of lube for vaginal sex and another one for anal, if they felt like getting a little more kinky. Then the internet age came along and people could be more discreet about purchasing lubes since they could order them from the comfort and privacy of their own homes, instead of having to visit a sex shop.

Today, a new innovation is upon us: a lube that can be used for both vaginal and anal sex. Vaginal lubes were traditionally water based since the ones used for anal sex were silicon based, and silicon could sometimes cause yeast infections within the vagina.

These new 2-in-1 lubes are still slippery enough for enhanced vaginal pleasure, but also substantial enough for anal sex, since anal lubes have always tended to be thicker. (TRY: Water Based Lubricants for Anal & Vaginal Intercourse) These new hybrid lubes can also last longer for vaginal sex, provide extra stimulation during anal sex, and they are easier on your wallet since you don’t have to buy two separate lubes.

So come to the bedroom well prepared and don’t wind out missing an “open” opportunity!

What to do

Water Based Lubricants: A Solution for Anal and Vaginal Sex

If lube had a sl

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