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Weird Wiener Bumps – Penile Papules and What to Do About Them

A gentleman is rightly concerned about some little white bumps that have shown up on his nether regions and wants to know what to do about getting them to go away…permanently. See one possible solution.

Case #: 1626


I have a couple of noticeable little white bumps on the head of my penis right below the head and under the penis, especially when I retract the foreskin. Browsing the web I figured out this was PPP. I found out that the bumps form in multiple clunks around the head of the penis but I only have 4, 2 on each side. Is this still PPP? I am starting to get really worried, I just want some advice, opinions on this. I am a virgin and have only masturbated, please help.


Missy was on the phone with her friend Janet, and was talking to her about a guy named Barry that she’d just started dating.

Missy sighed. “So I was making out with Barry the other day, and I think he wanted me to give him a blow job so I unzipped his pants.”

“Yeah?” Janet asked on the other end of the line.

“Yeah, and then like, I noticed these little white thingy’s on his cock head.”

“Oh my God!” Janet exclaimed. “Like what kind of white things?”

“Just these weird little white bumps. Of course, I kind of backed off from there…I was kinda freaked out but didn’t want to say anything to him…and embarrass him or anything. He’s such a nice guy, you know?” Missy said.

“Yeah you did the right thing girl, you don’t want to catch whatever he’s got, you should just move on.”

“Just like that?”

“Well you don’t want those gross white bumps all over your koochie, do you?”

Missy later avoided all contact with Barry.

Believe it or not, some girls talk like that; kind of a bummer huh?

A Mystery

No one is quite sure where pearly penile papules originate or why they show up on some men’s members, but these little white bumps (hirsuties coronae glandis) can wreak havoc on a man’s sex life. Even trying to explain that they’re harmless, non-contagious bumps to a woman will usually be met with raised eyebrows along with suddenly remembering that they have to be somewhere else. So shall we look at one possible solution?

All-Natural Papule Removal

If you’re not quite convinced that they are indeed pearly penile papules, by all means go get checked out by your doctor. Once you’re in the clear and it is determined that they aren’t something more serious, your physician may prescribe you drugs or ask if you’d like to undergo surgery.

Penile surgical procedures can be iffy and potentially dangerous since they involve such a complex and delicate organ: Your penis. And even if you are prescribed pharmaceutical grade medications, many times they come with unwanted side-effects. That’s where Castor Oil may be a more helpful option.

Pressed from the leaves of the Castor plant, Castor Oil is a vegetable oil that, when mixed with other medicines, can treat a whole host of problems, including skin ulcers, and even HIV. (SEE: Self Penile Papule Removal with Castor Oil) Since this oil has many antifungal and antibacterial properties it is also highly effective in eliminating penile papules.

Many men have reported that just by cleaning the affected area, drying it, and then applying this solution to the bumps a couple times per day, their penile papule problems were eradicated in just a few weeks. So invest in yourself, and make sure your name is never mentioned in any doubting conversations!

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11/19/2023 5:44:00 PM
I had a friend a long time ago that had a very similar phone call with me as the one described in the discussion. Clearly it wasn't the same, I am a male. To the normal person who has no source of education on these little things it can be very frightening thinking the girl is going to contract that same thing on her vagina but they're not. As a man, I would do anything to get rid of them and avoid any sort of complications with a future partner.

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