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Is Sexual Exhaustion Ruining Your Saturday Night?

Sexual exhaustion was causing him penis pain, weak erections and premature ejaculation. But what is sexual exhaustion, and how do you get rid of it? Learn the facts.

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Hi, my problem is that my erection is weaker and my penis is also a bruised color. This has happened for the past several months. I masturbate 5 times a week since I was 17. I still get erections but nowhere near what they once were. I have also been losing my erection during sex and also suffering from premature ejaculation. After sex or masturbation my penis hurts for the rest of the day. I haven't had either for the past two days and it still hurts. I was wondering what I could do to help my problem?


Welcome to the world of sexual exhaustion. Although the term may sound like a lot of fun (like stretching out on the bed with a cigarette and a rapid heartbeat after a long night of amazing sex), it's actually quite a mood killer. It will injure your penis, weaken your erection and even cause you to ejaculate uncontrollably like a teenage boy who's seeing a vagina for the first time (ah...memories). And believe me, women do not find that sexy at all.

If you continue on this path, your symptoms may get even worse – hair loss, blurred vision, impotence. As you can see, sexual exhaustion doesn't mess around.

Your Body is No Wonderland

Masturbation. It feels good, it relieves stress, and it quiets those nagging voices that want you to think about sex 24 hours a day. But be warned, too much of a good thing can be pretty terrible for your body.

When you masturbate with voracious frequency, your body begins to overproduce an inflammatory hormone known as prostaglandin E-2. It inflames your prostate, your urethra and your penis, leading to severe pain and discomfort while setting off a course of events that leads to an array of sexual dysfunctions. Before you know it, your reproductive system becomes like a carnival ride that was hastily set up without all the nuts and bolts in place. Before you know it, the roller coaster cart is propelling itself into a ditch three blocks away.

When your prostate becomes inflamed, it expands and enlarges. Your ejaculatory valve is compromised, and before long, the premature ejaculation sets in. In addition, the inflammation leads to plaque buildup, which inhibits the flow of blood and renders you unable to achieve a full erection. It's like trying to fill a punctured bike tire with air. You can push that pump all day, but you're always going to have a soft tire.

Getting Back on Course

So now that we have gotten the seemingly endless bad news out of the way, we can focus on the good news. First, you need to cut back on the masturbation (okay, so I guess there was a bit more bad news), and second, you're going to want to take an herbal remedy that contains herbs like Alisma Plantago, Cornus, Guarana and Milk Thistle. Together, these ingredients will treat the inflammation, restore the damaged tissue, and allow you to recover the sexual exhaustion that has plagued your love life. (SEE: Penile Pain Rejuvenation Remedy) It won't happen overnight, but if you stick with it, you should notice a real difference.

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