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Is Sex Your Anti-Drug? Or are Drugs Your Anti-Sex?

His drug use caused a barrage of devastating symptoms, including blurred vision, testicular pain, painful and even penis shrinkage. Learn the connection, and find out the solution.

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I am a 36 year old male I have blurred vision, sometimes pain in my testicles, my ejaculations are weak and sometimes hurt. Have some shrinkage and dysfunction in the penis I believe from extended drug use over the years. Would really like to restore size and blood flow to penis to stay hard longer. I also go numb and sex is not as enjoyable.


When we were kids, our schools instructed us to say no to drugs, but they never said anything about the risk of sexual dysfunction. Perhaps if they showed us pictures of tiny flaccid penises instead of strung-out tweekers, we would have paid a lot more attention. But it's absolutely true that prolonged drug use can cause all of the symptoms that you have described, from the blurred vision to the penis shrinkage.

Drug use causes inflammatory responses in the body by promoting excessive hypothalamic and adrenal dopamine-norepinephrine conversion. Without getting too technical, your hormones and neurotransmitters—which are important for sexual function as well as other physical necessities, like vision—are out of balance. Your body is awash with stress hormones like prostaglandin E2 and norepinephrine, and these hormones are wreaking havoc on your brain and reproductive system. You always suspected that your brain and your penis were at war with each other, but now it appears that they share a common enemy.

How This Hormonal Imbalance is Affecting You

Your reproductive system and endocrine system are typically regulated by hormones like testosterone and DHEA, as well as neurotransmitters like serotonin and GABA. But the stress hormones have taken over like uninvited guests who are now demanding squatters' rights. And what's worse, these squatters aren't just eating your food and crashing on your couch. They're causing destructive nervous plasticity in your brain, and causing nervous fight-or-flight reactions which hinder your ability to ejaculate normally.

If that wasn't bad enough, drug use also constricts the arteries, which contributes to severe testicle pain, and it interferes with your production of C3G phytochemicals, which are essential for healthy vision. So you can't see straight, you don't feel right, and sex is just embarrassing. Does that pretty much cover all of our bases?

Finding the Cure

It's time to get those hormones back in balance. First, if you're still using any of the drugs, I would urge you to quit immediately. Once you have the drug problem under control, you can start working on your hormone levels. Fortunately, there are some great herbal remedies which address the causes of penile pain and shrinkage. (TRY: Penile Enlargement for Shrinkage and Penile Pains) You're going to need herbs like Deer Antler, Epimedium and Cistanche. For the blurred vision, try an herbal concoction with Currant, Dioscorea, Fo-Ti and Gingko. (Also try: Vision Problems Reduction Herbal Remedy) Once you eliminate the pain and restore your healthy ejaculatory function, you'll feel much better than you did on any drug.

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