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Just a minute of kissing my girlfriend and I can start to feel my pants brimming with pre-cum

Learn of the story of a guy who starts out too strong and can't finish what he began. Too much vital fluid leaking before the right moment leaves him and his partner quite frustrated. If this has happened to you, read on and learn what can be done to solve the problem.

Case #: 505


I notice I leak an inordinate amount of pre-cum during sex. Just a minute of kissing my girlfriend and I can start to feel my pants brimming with pre-cum. My hyperactively arousal makes it difficult to last long, mostly because of my heightened sensation. During sex, I may last 5 minutes if I am lucky. My lack of endurance makes it difficult to please her. She often complains about her lack of enjoyment during sex, a complaint I take to heart. I want to fix my problem to improve my endurance. Please, tell me how!


You know that guy. Maybe it was back in high school or college, or maybe it's around work. If you're lucky, you've only seen him on a sports team, preferably playing for your favorite team's archrivals. But he's everywhere. The guy who starts and hits the scene with a burst of energy or enthusiasm... and then has to leave before things really start getting going, because he's got nothing left.

Like that guy, you’re falling down on the job because your sex drive is writing checks that your body can't cash. But unlike that guy, you're humble enough to acknowledge that you've got a problem, and you're trying to fix it. So sit back, relax and let's get down to business.

Fluid Mechanics

Ejaculation is a multi-stage process. Before you “shoot” semen, your Cowper's gland produces what the medical professionals call “bulboureathral fluid,” but you can call it pre-cum. The stuff fulfills a number of different functions, and they're all important.

For those of you hoping to become fathers, some researchers think that it temporarily lowers the acid level in the vaginal environment so your sperm cells have a better chance to survive while racing their way to the egg. But for all of us guys, it's a natural cleaning solution (that pipe is a “waste water line” after all) as well as a lubricant. Bottom line: you need it, and your Alisma won't ejaculate without it.

But on the other hand, too much is definitely not better than none. Excessive pre-cum is also a sign that the ejaculation mechanism is breaking down. Your parasympathetic nerves may be weakening, or your prostate gland may be exhausted.

Gentlemen, We Can Rebuild It

In either case, the first step is to ease back on your sexual activities, either with a partner or when masturbating. And to help your glands regenerate faster, you might try an herbal remedy that includes such powerful herbs as Astragalus Complanatus and Nacre.

Once your body has had a chance to replenish its chemical reserves and recover from the strain, be mindful of your limits. Keep your body supplied with the nutrients it needs and let it rest between “rides.” Your partner and your glands will thank you for it.

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