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Low Testosterone For Older Men Causes Erectile Dysfunction

I have very soft erection and won’t last long I am no longer excited and low sexual drive… testosterone 341 ( Is this low?).

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I have very soft erection and it won’t last long and neither do I. I am no longer excited and I have a low sex drive… I have a PSA of 3.5 and my testosterone level is 341 (Is this low?).


Yes, your testosterone level is too low. 800 is the average. 900 is the average of a 13-15 year old boy’s testosterone level. Middle-aged men have a normal PSA of around 4.0 or under. The normal PSA for seniors is around 6.5 or under. Your PSA is excellent!

You should work to boost your testosterone level to 900. Try herbs from the Herbs For Male Low Sex Drive. It’s a formula that can turn your hormone clock back to when you were 15.

Uniquely blended, the Herbs For Male Low Sex Drive naturally promotes erections and can supercharge your parasympathetic nervous system. Herbs in the formula would give your body a full spectrum of hormones that help dilate the blood vessels, regulate the heartbeat, and strengthen the heart’s contractile muscle. Your blood pressure and heartbeat will become normal and regular.

Many herbs in the formula also benefit the heart, brain, liver, testicles, prostate, and penis by increasing the parasympathetic and acetylcholine action on these organs. Your penis will always be at the ready. It can give your loved one a surprising and powerful orgasm, and judging from your story, it’s long overdue.

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