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Like a Runaway Train, He Keeps Going: His Enlarged Prostate Causes a Frequent Urge to Use the Bathroom

He describes himself as healthy and normal with one exception: he has an enlarged prostate and must repeatedly use the bathroom. He goes even more frequently than his wife and is tired of the interference it poses on daily activities. In need of relief, he wants nothing more than to get back to a state of health.
Case #: 1994

I am over 45 years old but don’t feel a day over 30. I love to run with my dog and try to eat healthy – the occasional scotch and plate of greasy, fried food do make their way into my diet. What I’m trying to say is I’m a normal, active guy except for an enlarged prostate. I was diagnosed with Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia, and now I go to the bathroom more than my wife, who’s had three kids. Is there any relief available to a guy in my shoes?

As a man ages, his chances for developing an enlarged prostate increase significantly. Those between 45 and 50 are at peak points, and Mayo Clinic suggests half of all men over age 60 have the condition. While doctors understand it’s caused by continued prostate growth throughout a man’s life, they don’t know what prompts this growth. Some speculate hormones are the culprit, others suggest this growth occurs naturally and, because the human lifespan is so much greater now, it interferes with other bodily functions. Keep in mind the average age expectancy of men in 1930 was 58, while in 2010 it was 76.
The Prostate Condition

The prostate forms an important component of the male reproductive system. Roughly the size of a walnut, it sits just below the bladder. Through it runs the urethra. Known for its activity during sex, the prostate is responsible for producing the milky-white fluid that accompanies male ejaculation and nourishes sperm.
As the prostate continues to grow, it can apply pressure to the urethra and make urinating difficult. Many men also experience a frequent urge to urinate, difficulty in starting or stopping the urine stream and pain during urination. Because the nerves that support erections surround the prostate, its enlargement can impede sexual functions and/or cause painful ejaculation. Some men also struggle to achieve or maintain erections.
One of the risk factors for developing an enlarged prostrate include a family history. If your father or paternal grandfather had the condition, this may explain why you now have it. Obesity and lack of physical activity also contribute to prostate problems. Another factor is erectile dysfunction (ED), in which penis muscles and tissues weaken from underuse. Men with ED also lack the repeated rush of oxygen-rich blood that accompanies erections, meaning the surrounding areas also become deprived.
Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) is another name for enlarged prostate. It refers to the non-cancerous growth of the prostate that leads to lower urinary problems. BPH can irritate the bladder and interfere with urine flow. It can also cause additional complications like bladder and kidney stones.
Although few men know it, BPH commonly starts in a man’s 30s. Remember, the prostate grows slowly over a man’s lifetime. By the time he’s in his 50s, symptoms have become noticeable and even started to interfere with common daily activities.
In addition to surgery, other common forms of treatment include alpha blockers and inhibitors. These remedies can take between several weeks and one year to work. Men with no symptoms but who have been diagnosed with BPH during a rectal exam occasionally wait and watch in anticipation of eventual signs.
Stop Unnecessary Waiting

Rather than wait anxiously for treatments to work or symptoms to appear, we have a smart and nearly effortless option for men diagnosed with BPH: an integrated herbal remedy of Pygeum and Saw Palmetto. (TRY: Frequent Bathroom Trips Stabilizing Formula) Pygeum comes from the bark of African cherry trees, Saw Palmetto is derived from a palm-like plant. Both are popular in Europe for the treatment of an enlarged prostrate. In addition, Native Americans have traditionally used Saw Palmetto to treat a number of ailments.
What’s so special about these herbs? They work to strengthen PC muscles for better urinary control and reduce the prostate size. They also balance hormones, reduce inflammation and minimize urination frequency. You can choose from several different blends, and in addition to soft gels or capsules, you can also brew and drink Pygeum Bark Tea. The best news is an herbal formula works quickly so you can enjoy freedom from BPH symptoms and get on with life.

What to do

Pygeum & Saw Palmetto Minimize The Frequency of Bathroom Breaks Caused by BPH

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