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She’s Coming; I’m Waiting

The side effects of inhibiting an ejaculation.

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My wife and I are sex addicts. We have pre-breakfast sex—followed by post-breakfast sex. We have sex before work, while we shower and as soon as we get home from work. We both have a voracious sexual appetite. While making love, we coordinate our orgasms to climax together. Except now I am unable to orgasm with my wife. I seem to desire more sexual gratification even after she’s climaxed.

She hates that I continue forward. She wants me to ejaculate as she orgasms, but lately, I continue to withhold my seed. My concern is of the side effects induced by pressing on the perineum to prevent an ejaculation.


Glad to hear you two enjoy a fruitful, pre-breakfast sex-filled marriage. Your decision to keep on keeping on does have a few side effects, i.e., the expansion of the prostate. Men experience prostate growth throughout their lives.

It’s the inordinate expansion of the prostate that is a cause for concern. When you impede an ejaculation by pressing down on the perineum, you slowly expand your prostate. Once enlarged, the prostate can cause premature ejaculation problems, weak erections and urinary problems.

Pressure Nozzle

Your prostate is like a release nozzle on pressured liquid. It exudes semen to release frustrations and desires. Pressing down on the perineum causes the prostate-urethral duct to endure more pressure. This added pressure too will elevate the PSA levels, a measurement of prostate-specific antigens that can determine prostate issues. Men with higher PSA levels tend to experience common prostate issues, including urinary pains, painful ejaculations and prostate enlargement.

Releasing The Pressure

Your prostate can sustain only so much enlargement before it begins to experience the side effects. For someone as yourself who enjoys sex, your prostate has already begun to enlarge. If you wish to prevent the damage done to your body, you need to take action now.

First, you'll have to minimize the amount of sex you have. As you age, your prostate grows naturally, but when you engage in as much sex as you mentioned, you can experience enlargement thanks to elevated DHT levels. Think of DHT as an inhibitor that prevents testosterone production.

When testosterone levels become lowered, sex drive dips, hair loss ensues and ejaculations stop.

Your lack of ejaculations are caused by two issues: high PSA levels and high DHT.

Your next plan of action is to lower DHT. Prostate Health & Enlargement Formula can lower DHT levels thanks to the Saw Palmetto found in the formula. When mixed with other prostate-health herbs, such as Nettle and Lycopene, men can experience a reduction in prostate growth and enhanced ejaculation strengthen.

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