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The Untold Secret About Marijuana That Could Make Men Quit Smoking Penis Shrinkage

Weed Dick: A type of erectile dysfunction caused by marijuana use. You might not find an entry like that on Webster’s or even Urban Dictionary, but according to High Times, one of the largest pro-weed publications, “weed dick” remains a real, serious side effect of too many 420 sessions. Sure, you’d have to smoke a lot of weed too even begin to see side effects of penile numbness, but over time, men do develop difficulties gaining and maintaining an erection.

A Rising Trend: Impotence from Chronic Abusers

According to The Partnership at and the MetLife Foundation, use of Mary Jane is up 80 percent among teenagers, a trend that will continue to rise. And what started as a counterculture drug abused by hippies and rebellious teens has transitioned into a mainstream drug everyday kids and adults use. According to High Times, “marijuana contains certain molecules that have a way of targeting nerve receptors in the penis and rendering them numb.”
Of course, casual users may not experience any of these numbing molecules, but frequent users might notice a bit of difficulty gaining and maintaining an erection. But weed’s effect on erectile strength isn’t the only concern for your penis, penile shrinkage may prove worse.

Blood Flow Stopped, Enlargement Efforts Thwarted

While weed may not directly lead to shrinkage or prevent enlargement, men who abuse the drug may experience constriction of the arteries that stymie the flow of blood toward the penis. With blood flow stalled and slowed, enlargement efforts that direct nutrient-infused chemicals through the blood cannot reach penile tissue. Because both blood and nutrients remain essential requirements for enlargement, men who smoke too much weed will see little to no results from enlargement efforts.
Meanwhile, increased use of marijuana will indirectly lead to shrinkage by

  • Increasing appetite that causes individuals to gain weight, which can add layers of fat over the pubic bone that covers the penis

  • Increasing artery constriction that prevents an erection from necessary blood

  • Elevating plaque buildup from poor diets that prevent the flow of blood toward the penis

Preventing Shrinkage

Men who have abused marijuana and have seen their enlargement efforts stalled will want to quit smoking, change their diet and take supplements that benefit the body with nutrient-rich vitamins that

  • Remove plaque

  • Improve blood flow

  • Reverse signs of shrinkage

These products include Botanical Concoction for Penile Tissue Rejuvenation & Growth that can reverse the signs of shrinkage and grow the penis by

  • Eliminating excessive fat around the pubic bone

  • Increasing the production of DHT and HGH that improve tissue growth

  • Elevating the flow of blood toward the penis

Men who continue to abuse marijuana will suffer from erectile dysfunction issues. As a man tries enlargement efforts, he’ll too notice the difficulties that include little results or wasted time and money spent on techniques or pills. If you want to get help and enlarge your penis, start by quitting weeding and taking the suggested supplements. 
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