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Psychological Problem Can Results In Weak Erection

He suffers from weak erections despite taking protein supplements and practicing masturbation without any ejaculation.

Case #: 344


I was once the typical shy guy. I would speak to girls on occasion, but never would I sleep with them until I was comfortable. Comfort, as far as I am concerned, helps me perform better during sex. Since my recent long-term relationship ended, I have begun dating again—and I almost had sex with my new female companion. I say almost because we got to bed, and my erection was nowhere to be found.

I just stood there—fervently attempting to gain an erection. Even she tried to help with the same passion but to no avail. My erection just laid limp---like a dangling banana hanging onto a tree. I feel comfortable with my new female companion, but still, I just cannot stay hard.

Please note, I am a fitness freak: I exercise often and take protein shakes to improve my muscle mass. Please, any suggestions would be nice.


You seem to be approaching sex in a safe, appropriate manner: feeling comfortable with your partner before engaging in intercourse. Still, your problems may stem from a psychological issue rather than a physical one. As a male, you must be anxious or afraid that your toy solider may be malfunctioning. Fear not, it more than likely works fine, especially if you and your past partner had sex before. Hidden stress, low level of sertonin, and performance anxiety are causes for your weak erection.

Uhh…Does It Work Okay?
Gaining and maintaining an erection requires more than just blood pumping to the penis. Hormones play an integral part in ensuring your Johnson stays erect during the act. How do hormones help? Well, the brain, nervous and adrenal systems produce the necessary hormones and signals to help get your chilly willy erect. When these psychological factors misfire, problems tend to arise—like weak erections, early ejaculations, and even intimacy fears.

Soooo…What’s My Problem?
A healthy erection occurs when the body’s chemistry works in unison. Weak erections often stem from an overtaxed adrenal system, the system that releases hormones in response to stressful activities, such as sex. Sex is stressful? Yup, sex is a stressful activity—even if it helps alleviate stress.

Under intense stress, the body releases a hormone called prostaglandin E-2 to counterbalance the stress levels. Prostaglandin E-2 helps relax the muscles during stress. However, the chronic elevation of the hormone can damage muscles, ruin erections, and lead to soft and unsustainable erection.

Body chemistry aside, your mind may be over anxious. As a male, you fear she may not like your size, technique, or endurance. Despite these fears, practice this five letter word: relax. Relax your mind. Do not fear the intimacy ahead; enjoy it! You must learn to not be so apprehensive. Seek natural assistance such as Natural Calm Remedy or herbal erection performance formula with Fish Oil. Remember, sex is meant to be fun, so enjoy it. The more anxious you get about the act, the more likely your penis will remain limp.

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