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What ARE Those Things?

A young man's self-confidence is fragile enough when he's concerned about his size, but when he notices some unusual growths that look suspiciously similar to blisters appear at the base of his penis... Well, it's reasonable to assume that his partner might find them objectionable, possibly even mistaking them for a sexually-transmitted disease. What are they? And more importantly, can he get rid of them? Read on, get the facts and find out!

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I am a 26 year old man and I am still not married nor have I had any sexual relations. I have been doing enlargement [exercises] but not too heavily or too much because I have very low self confidence about my size and my partner satisfaction. All of a sudden I have been unable to get an erection and I also feel small pearly papules mostly near the base of my groin area. After using topical cream I regained my erection after a short 5 days but the pearly papules are still visible. My erection has returned somewhat but it is not at its full capacity quite yet and I cannot maintain it for too long. The skin at the bottom of my shaft are especially affected by the papules, it looks really gross. I want to be able to meet a girl and have a chance to get married one day but these papules and erection problems aren't helping one bit. If you know anything about this please help, I really need help.


Thanks to the modern miracle of the Internet, it is possible for almost everyone to have some idea what a “normal” penis looks like. This free access to information that not so long ago was considered taboo may lead to enlightenment in the some unlikely places. For example, it comes as a surprise to some that their uncircumcised penis is not considered normal; likewise, males who were circumcised at birth may be equally surprised by the fact that their penis was not born that way.

However, we are also exposed to incomplete information, such as the symptoms of sexually-transmitted diseases or otherwise unsightly growths on the penis. Without proper medical backgrounds, reading this information without getting a trained professional's guidance can lead to panicked searches for solutions that may cause more harm than good. Even if the “harm” is unnecessary expense, it can also lead to physical damage, discomfort during sex or even psychological scarring. So, let's take a look at what science can teach you about your papules, and what you can safely do about them.

Ugly Legacy Or Infection?

To be clear: papules are completely different from outbreaks of certain sexually-transmitted diseases. To date, no one has determined what causes them to appear, though study after study has confirmed that they are not caused by infections, nor do they in turn cause infections in sexual partners. Some theories even suggest that they are expressions of earlier stages in human evolutionary development: vestigial penile spines meant to provide additional stimulation to the female during intercourse and to accelerate orgasms. Papules as they appear in modern human males are neither large enough nor hard enough to provide a similar effect; small comfort for the majority of men and their sexual partners who find their appearance aesthetically disturbing.

Make Them Go Away!

If the papules are left undisturbed, they may dry out and fall off on their own, though once they appear they will reappear without treatment. In addition, because they consist of otherwise normal skin-cells and present no real danger of any kind, dermatologists usually recommend that you simply leave them alone. Your health-care provider will have some idea about either medical removal as well as home remedies. The usual difference between the two solutions is that surgery is quite expensive but performed under professional supervision, while home-remedies' inexpensive price tag is balanced by the potential hazards of applying it incorrectly.

Herballove offers information on two home-remedies. This solution offers analysis of using tea tree oil, as well as the recommended procedures for doing so. Please note that using the oil at too rich a concentration will irritate the skin. This solution is a good source of information about using castor oil for the same purpose. There are no listed side-effects or dangers for using castor oil, but caution is still advised.

Regardless of which solution you employ, I strongly urge you to get your health-care provider's advice on the matter, to get an expert's opinion on your progress. Good luck!

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