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The Depressing Truth About Sex and Antidepressants

Antidepressants are used by millions, but did you know that they can destroy your sexual function? Hear one man's story, and find out how you can hold onto your mental health without sacrificing your sexual potency.

Case #: 671


I know you are very busy but I need urgent help. I just finished 6 months of antidepressant medication but have big problems with my penis going very limp. No more erection -- only a little in the morning and no more libido at all. So my sex life is dead. No more semen, only clear fluid. So please help me. What can I do about this? Thank you again.


This is a tough one, because it trails the line between mental health and sexual fulfillment. Everyone deserves a satisfying and rewarding sex life, but depression is a crippling condition that can quite literally be fatal if not properly managed.

So first and foremost, we need to come up with a solution that allows you to get your sex life back on track without sacrificing your positive state of mind. Can such a compromise actually be achieved? Just you wait and see.

SSRIs and Sex – The Great Paradox

Antidepressants are a serious matter. For people suffering from clinical depression, SSRIs can improve quality of life and make it easier to get through the day, but these drugs are not without their downside. If you have taken your antidepressants for 6 months, you may have noticed any number of unwanted side effects, like headaches, weight gain, nausea, and of course, sexual dysfunction.

That's right. According to WebMD, prolonged antidepressant use can lead to loss of sex drive, decreased orgasm and erectile dysfunction. It's a cruel twist of fate, when you really think about it. SSRIs are supposed to rid us of our depression, but what's more depressing than an inability to perform sexually? The irony is almost Shakespearean.

Striking a Balance – There is Hope

Restoring normalcy to your sex life is going to require a threefold process: first, we need to repair the sexual damage caused by prolonged SSRI use. Second, we need to promote healthy sexual function by ensuring that all of the essential hormones and neurotransmitters are in balance. And third, we need to maintain your optimal mental health in the process.

It may sound like a tall order, but with the right combination of herbs, we can turn you into a sexual dynamo without sacrificing your smile. So for the first step, you'll want to try Schisandra and Tongkat Ali, which are shown to improve sex drive and restore optimal sexual function. Then, to ensure that you get the most out of your sex life, I would suggest Epimedium, which promotes strong, healthy erections. Finally, I would advise that you take Omega 3s and Griffonia, both of which have been shown to promote optimal mental health.

Maybe you're thinking, “Whoa...That's a lot of herbs.” But you can find herbal remedies (SEE: Happier Mood & Harder ERection with Fresh Catch Fish Oils) that contain all of these ingredients together. Think of it like peanut butter and jelly in a single jar, except much better, because peanut butter and jelly doesn't promote sexual health. Take care of yourself.

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