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Dried Out Dong – Penile Dryness and What to do About it

Here’s a gentlemen who writes in concerned about his arid penis head. What can he do to make things better instead of worse?

Case #: 1674


I have a dry penis head. I am not circumcised and the head of my penis looks dry. I was really scared about this so I went to the doctor and what the doctor told me was that I was just experiencing a little bit of irritation. I don't think this is irritation; an entire month has passed since I went to the doctor and I am still experiencing the problems. The head of my penis seems to be cracked in some areas and it is painful. What can this be?


The Traveler took shallow gasps in the heat of the desert; each breath of the hot air that he took in burned his throat and seared his lungs. He’d walked a long way from the city in order to seek out the mythical Magic Oasis that had been whispered about in many a taverns and inn, and now after a strenuous journey which had taken the lives of the rest of his party, he’d finally stumbled upon it.

There was only one problem: he had run out of water a ways back and could now feel his strength ebbing away with each step. Also with each foot forward, he could feel the scorching rays of the sun peel back the last protective layers of his skin, and he wondered if there might be some magic curse around the oasis which was accelerating the skin-stripping process.

His eyes squinted as he approached the oasis and then widened as they fell across numerous voluptuously built nude women who bathed in its gentle pools while butterflies fluttered around abundant foliage and flowers. His joints stiffened as he reached within a few steps of the greenery of the oasis and suddenly the final layers of skin peeled back and ruptured. With that, the Traveler fell face-first into the burning sand as one of the nymphs of the Magic Oasis approached him...

Cracked and Parched, but Not Dried Up

Just as the Traveler exposed himself to harmful elements so too do many men open themselves up to damage to their penis’s epidermal layer each and every day. There are numerous causes: scrubbing your genitals too roughly in the shower, using products which contain irritants such as perfumed soaps and detergents, and excessive masturbatory habits using rigorous hand-movements. Let’s find out how you can heal your dry penis head and get it back to normal.

Discover Your Own Magic Oasis

First, make sure that you are washing your junk gently and not using any perfumed soaps or detergents which will only exacerbate your dryness issues. Next, consider taking a revitalizing all-natural super-moisturizer, which is far more effective than the common silicone and oil-based lotions out there, and it won’t stain your clothes. (TRY: Penile Lotions and Creams for Rehydration) It can also help to repair peeling, dry skin, and allow the rejuvenation of damaged nerve endings for more pleasure.

So make sure that with every step that you take, you are more moisturized, and so by the time you reach that oasis filled with all of those beautiful ladies, you’ll be lubed-up and ready for some serious “water sports.” Happy travels!

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