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He’s a Habitual Drinker; Is Alcohol the Reason for His Penile Problems?

He drinks regularly, and it’s beginning to affect his erections. He’s trying to work on the drinking problem, but is it really what’s making his erections so weak? What can he do about it now?
Case #: 2022

I’m a habitual drinker. I know I have a problem, and I’m trying to work on it, but for now, I’m a work-in-progress. The problem is that I’ve begun having issues with my erections as well. Is there any way my drinking could have caused my erection strength to go down, or is there some other cause?

It’s great that you’ve decided to treat your alcohol addiction. Alcohol has such a detrimental effect on many of the body’s organ systems, not least the reproductive. However, it’s less alcohol’s stressful demands on the body, and more the unusual way in which the body seems to view the alcohol you’re ingesting that’s causing your lack of firm erections. To understand why your drinks are dinging your dong, we need to talk about the body and false estrogens.
Alcohol Is Not Your Friend

As I’m sure you know, alcohol is a vasodilator. The occasional glass of wine can assist sexual function by aiding the flow of blood to the genitals of both men and women. Over time, however, alcohol causes a stress reaction due to its action on the liver, which releases cortisol into the body. Cortisol causes a number of negative side effects for the body—weight gain, fatigue, depression—and can ruin hormone levels.
Haywire Hormones

Why do hormone levels matter so much? Cortisol seems to trigger prolactin production in males, a hormone that isn’t normally found in their bodies, outside a short time directly after orgasm. When it does occur, it serves to make the genitals less sensitive, reduce arousal, and reduce desire. Prolactin build-up is one of your problems, but there is a secondary issue with drinking as well, and it’s also due to hormonal upheaval.
Disruptive Behaviors

In an interesting body mechanism, alcohol seems to disrupt human steroid production, reducing andronergic activity and instead switching to estrogenic activity—the exact opposite of what a man wants. Estrogen should at no time be present in the male body, and any presence of it drives out the testosterone that should be there. In a short time, the male body can be overcome with estrogen molecules—promoting tissue growth where it ought not to be, and otherwise taking the place of the necessary testosterone. Without testosterone, it’s impossible to form nitric oxide, the forerunner to erection. Nitric oxide is imperative to male sexual function, and without it there’s no hope for regular erections.
Boner Boosters

In order to promote healthy androgenic activity, you need to find some way to restore your testosterone levels. I recommend trying an herbal supplement such as Sarsaparilla Jamaican, an herb that’s well known for its male assisting abilities. (SEE: Sarsaparilla for Weak Erection Boosts) Just a few weeks with this testosterone-favoring addition will have your erections back in action in no time.

What to do

Sarsaparilla Jamaican Boosts Your Erectile Capacity

Sex drive can be compared to the stock market prices: when low, everyone loses.

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