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Leaching Yourself Dry – Compulsive Masturbation's Side Effects

A nine-year veteran masturbator finds that his hobby has affected his health. Read on to determine the facts of the case and how you, too, might help your body recover from the drain.

Case #: 579


I have been masturbating since I was 13. At the beginning, it was once every few months, then a month, then once every few weeks, now it is once every day. I am now 22 years old, and I am a healthy male.

Since I have been masturbating, I have developed severe acne. I ejaculate prematurely, and I have noticed a lack of concentration, memory loss, blurred vision, erection problems, headaches and pain in my body, especially my lower back. I don't drink alcohol or do any drugs. I masturbate when looking at Internet pornography, and I do it more when lying on my bed. I am feeling more depressed and guilty of my over masturbation. Please help me!


Masturbation: Nothing's Free

Masturbation isn't as simple as just achieving an erection and bringing yourself to orgasm. The process inside your body requires a very complex series of bio-chemical reactions. In turn, these reactions use up a lot of neurotransmitters like acetylcholine, hormones like cortisol and amino acids like glutamate, among others. You are suffering from Addictive Stage of Sexual Exhaustion due to excessive masturbation before puberty.

Your body can only store so much of these nutrients. Most of all, the glands that manufacture all these important biochemicals cannot produce them at the same rate you consume them.

The Biological Price

Your body uses the same biological compounds for many things. Testosterone, for example, doesn't just maintain your ability to manufacture sperm cells; it also regulates your physical or mental energy levels.

Masturbation increases the levels in your system, but the excess is then converted into two types of an enzyme that affects the glands under your skin, especially your face and scalp. Too much of these enzymes, in turn, can damage those glands, resulting in inflamed pores or dead hair follicles. And that's just one substance of several that masturbation either uses up from or floods into your system.

More importantly, the glands (like the adrenals) and organs (like the liver) that produce or consume these substances have to work harder to process them when you masturbate too much. Since each of these body parts have other jobs to do in keeping you healthy, devoting too much of their time to cleaning up after excessive masturbation leaves those other jobs under-done AND the parts themselves can get worn out.

What can I do?

The good news is that your body is such a remarkable machine that it can repair itself, IF you give it time and the nutritional support it needs. Yes, that means cutting back on masturbation for a while, as well as paying close attention to your diet; we also recommend an appropriate herbal supplement (See Herbal Remedy For Sexual Exhaustion & Dysfunction).

But the bill will come due, no matter what. Which would you rather pay: a few days or weeks of relative discomfort while your body heals, or permanent health problems like impotence, poor vision, bad memory, and so on?

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