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So Many Harmful Factors That Are Hurting My Sex Life

An enthusiastic fan of sex has found that the bill has come due. His erections, even most of his sex life, have been severely curtailed or even reduced to almost nothing. Read on and see what you can learn from his healing process.

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I have a lot of factors that have ruined my sex life in my life such as Diabetes, over-masturbation, 1-3 orgasms per day, Erectile Dysfunction, loss of sensation in penis... is there anything I can do to reverse these factors? I want to be able to have sex and enjoy it but I feel like all that masturbation I used to do has ruined me for the rest of my life.


Diabetes is usually something that happens to the patient later in life, requiring a few or a lot of changes to the patient's lifestyle. Paying careful attention to carbohydrate (sugar) intake is fairly well known, but paying attention to your extremities is not.

Problems Within
Diabetes can damage your neural networks as well as your arterial walls; it's most obvious (and acceptable to talk about) when it affects your eyes or your toes, but your genitals can also be affected. Your erection comes from hydraulic pressure to spongy tissues on either side of your urethra called the corpora cavernosa, and if the valves that keep the blood in those tissues can't close properly due to damaged nerves, then your erection won't stay hard if it appears at all.

Likewise, if the nerves at the tip of your penis are damaged, the neural signals to your brain won't be strong enough to arouse you. These and many other side-effects of diabetes may leave you sexually frustrated.

Problems Without

Excessive masturbation can exacerbate the damage that diabetes inflicted on your genitals. It's sort of like taking your car out for a high-speed drive along a very winding road without changing the fluids or even making sure that the tires are properly inflated; you really shouldn't be surprised when the engine overheats. Like your car, your genitals have to do a lot of work that you don't see or think about in order to fulfill the demands you make of it.

Like pushing your car to its limits will burn through various important chemicals and grind down your brakes, orgasms use up precious nutrients like dopamine and serotonin, as well as inflicting wear and tear on your adrenal glands, your liver and many other organs. And like your car, your genitals function much better if you give them proper maintenance. Leaving proper nutrition and exercise for another day can leave you unready to perform at your best when the opportunity arrives.

What Can I Do?

The most important thing is to keep your hopes up, because there are still things you can do to resurrect your sex life. If you are still masturbating or attempting to participate in any other sexual activities, you really should ease back as much as possible. Don't worry, you won't have to give it up for life.

Your genitals need to repair themselves, and that takes time. Two or three weeks should do it, but keep your health-care provider informed about what you're doing so you can get an informed opinion from a professional.

While you're waiting, talk with your health-care provider and go over some basic questions about your lifestyle. Are you getting enough exercise? If not, what kinds of exercise interests you beyond just keeping busy and breaking a sweat? Does your diet meet your nutritional needs?

If not, have you considered taking an appropriate herbal supplement, designed specifically to supply the building blocks your body needs to restore your genitals to their previous standards? (SEE MORE: Natural Remedies For Erectile Dysfunction & Diabetes) Asking and answering these sorts of questions should give you plenty of things to do while your body heals.

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