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Thyroid Got You. . .Up? And Then Down!

A husband's thyroid problems have led to a terrible sex life with his wife and now premature ejaculation haunts him...



My husband has been dealing with thyroid problems for about a year now. He seems to be running on high energy all day long, and it doesn't stop in the bedroom either. No matter how hard he tries, he just can't stop himself from ejaculating after only a few moments of sexual intercourse. Is there any way to slow my man's roll?


When someone says they have an overactive thyroid, many people who are not familiar with that term begin to scratch their heads. Basically, what it means is that the thyroid gland is producing and releasing more thyroid hormone than your body actually requires.

Keep Up The Pace
The gland is located in the front of your neck, and an imbalance of the hormone it produces may affect how every aspect of your internal body functions. Though women are more than ten times more likely to experience problems with their thyroid, men are also treated for the same problem.
If left untreated, the affliction will most likely spread to the bones and heart.
Quick To Finish
The reason why your husband's ejaculation reaction time has been so abrupt lately is because excessive thyroid hormone levels will tend to increase a person's metabolism. The metabolism essentially dictates how all energy is distributed and utilized throughout the body.
Luckily, hyperthyroidism that is brought upon the body because of certain types of inflammation or viral infections, such as thyroiditis, is usually curable after a few months. However, patients who experience problems with their thyroid gland because of Graves’ disease will require a more long-term treatment plan. Though in some rare cases, they have seen the problem clear up on its own.
How To Fix It
Most likely, your husband's doctor has already prescribed some type of treatment for the overactive thyroid. It is very important to follow the instructions for the treatment to a tee. Taking too much, or too little thyroiditis medication can be very harmful.
In addition to his current medication, I would also suggest utilizing a natural remedy that includes ingredients such as Passion Flower, Motherwort, Panax Ginseng, Irish Moss, Kelp, and Os Draconis. (TRY: Natural Thyroid & Premature Ejaculation Control Solution) These herbs will help to level out the playing field, so to speak.
Together, they will work to stabilize the sexual hormones that are currently flowing at a frenzied pace. They will normalize the functionality of the thyroid gland, regulate production of the thyroid hormone, and strengthen the nerves that control ejaculation. They will also prevent a quickened heart rate, irregular heartbeats, nervousness, or the anxiety that causes a man to ejaculate uncontrollably.
If your husband does not experience an improvement with his overactive ejaculations within the next few months, I would strongly suggest that he see his primary care physician about the problem. As there could possibly be a problem with the type of medication being prescribed.

What to do

Natural Solution for Rapid Ejaculation with Thyroid Hormone Disorder

Improve your thyroid hormonal production and regain control of your sex life. 

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