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How One Man Ended His Mr. Softie Issues & Reached for His Own Penis with the Jelqing Technique

Like this gentleman, many men feel emasculated because of penile softness issues. What is one to do if they are suffering from a member which feels more like a rubber band than a pipe?
Case #:2012

Well let me start off by saying that I feel very unmanly. I have a good sex drive but every time that I have sex with my girlfriend, my penis is weaker and softer.

I’m 32 years old, in good health, don’t smoke, drink occasionally, and so not sure what to do about this. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Josh must be at it again! At least that’s what Stacy thought to herself silently. For weeks now, she’d seen her husband of 8 years clandestinely secreted in his home office. She’d silently creep into the house after one of her many shopping trips and spy on him through his office door.
He’d be sitting there, kicked-back in his chair, whacking his wizard. She’d never seen a man masturbate in the slow and deliberate fashion that Josh did, and one day she decided she’d had enough and confronted him.
“J” Stands for Jelqing Not Jacking

“Josh, what in the world are you doing? Am I not enough for you in bed? ” she said.
Josh suddenly popped up from his activities and covered his exposed junk with a pile of papers. “Don’t you knock? ” then after seeing her concern, added: “Oh, you think I’m jacking off!”
“Well what else could you be doing?”
“Honey, I’m trying a technique called jelqing. It’s because I actually masturbated too much in the past that my erections were getting softer. This is helping me to get it harder again.” Josh explained what the technique was all about and Stacy took a deep sigh of relief.
Unwelcome Build-Up

Many men experience erection problems whether due to natural causes such as age (and a consequent loss of testosterone), obesity, or obsessive masturbation. Other times it may be due to something external such as being hit in the penis with a ball or other blunt trauma during sports (Cringing at the thought!).
What can result from these unfortunate circumstances is that a wall of plaque can build up within the penile chambers which normally fill up with blood upon arousal (corpus cavernosum). Scar tissue may also form (especially in the case of injuries) and cause in inhibition of proper blood flow.
Simply put, less blood in your wiener equals less of a proper hard-on. So how do you reverse this problem?
Flooding Your Junk

Jelqing is similar to masturbating in that it involves your hand and your junk, but that’s where all similarities end. (TRY: Jelqing Technique for Erection Restoration) Unlike engaging in self-happy time, jelqing relies on slower, focused movements, which cause a high concentration of blood into the penis.
Here is how to properly use this technique:

  • Step 1: Form an “O” around the base of your penis with your thumb and forefinger.
  • Step 2: Squeeze your penis base firmly so that your grip keeps local blood within the penis, thereby maintaining an erection.
  • Step 3: Continue gripping your penis but now slide your hand forward toward the glans (penis head).
  • Step 4: While performing step 3, concentrate on pushing as much blood into your penile blood chambers as possible.
  • Step 5: As your first hand ends its trip to the tip of your penis, grasp your base again with the opposite hand and repeat the entire movement/action.

That’s it! Make sure that you perform 10 repetitions per session. Up to 10 sessions per day may be done (recommended). If your erection quality doesn’t improve within a couple of weeks, consider taking an all-natural herbal supplement in order to compliment jelqing, since that probably indicates that your erection problems are more serious.
So start today, and get back to having a Mr. Stiffy instead of a Mr. Softie!

What to do

Jelqing Technique for Weak Erections

Jelqing is designed to help improve erection quality for men with weak, unsustainable erections.

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