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Weightlifting Can Have Sexual Side Effects

Why weightlifting kills erections and leads to premature ejaculations.

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I enjoy weightlifting. Weightlifting has given me a lean, muscular psyche. I, like most men, lift weights to continue to improve my body image. Thanks to my obsession, I no longer feel my erections as hard as they once were. When I massage my penis to encourage erection I suddenly start to ejaculate. My weak erections have even lead to premature ejaculations. Please, what’s wrong with me!


Weightlifting can be an acute exercise, depending on if you have overloaded your bones and muscles. Prolonged acute and endurance (resistance) exercises induce excessive and prolonged release of cortisol and prolactin. For people who suffer from sexual exhaustion, the additional release of cortisol can disrupt proper coordination to the Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Adrenal-Testicular (HPAT) axis resulting in both unsustainble erection and uncontrollable early ejaculation.

Weightlifting’s Damage to The Body

Sure, weightlifting helps improve muscle mass and psyche, but not for people in exhausted conditions. Weightlifting increases your DHEA levels in both the bloodstream and testicles. Because the testicles fail to utilize DHEA, the body cannot gain nor maintain an adequate erection. When your body fails to maintain an adequate erection, you try to rub the penis to get it hard. It is very stressful to rub against a weak and semi-hard penis for a long time, for some men such nervousness can transmute into a hidden cause for premature ejaculation.

Improving Your Erection Quality

You may need to refrain from weightlifting as much or as rigorous before to allow your body to fully recover from sexual exhaustion. Let your body heal and replenish itself with the right nutrients. Your body is in a state of imbalance. By allowing yourself time to recuperate by taking all natural supplements or making daily rejuvenating herbal tincture, the body will regain its natural form much faster.

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