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Stress Goes To Your Head and Hair

A young man is aging before his time. The most likely culprit is excessive masturbation. How did the damage go from down there to the top of his head? Read on, get the facts, and find out what you can do to solve similar problems.

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I have been reading about hair loss and the effects of too much masturbation. From what I have read, getting enough sleep helps as does receiving enough blood for proper circulation. But what do you recommend for someone who has suffered from hair loss? And how long should I take these products?


Think about your hair for a moment, and not just how it looks in the mirror.

Hair Is Delicate

Each of your thousands of hair follicles is a tiny bodily organ, like your eyes and your fingernails. Each one requires nutrients, delivered via your bloodstream. Without those nutrients, your hair can wither and die.

What Does That Have To Do With Masturbation?

Every time you masturbate, your body spends nutrients, puts a little wear and tear on certain organs, and injects loads of stress hormones and waste. When done in moderation, masturbation will not harm your body. However, constant masturbation causes trouble. How? It takes roughly two to four days for your body to recover from each ejaculation, even longer if you perform the activity repeatedly.

For day-to-day operations, your body needs to maintain a particular balance of hormones and chemicals. Two hormones in particular: Prostaglandin E-2 and DHT, and one chemical, nitric oxide. Men who masturbate too much have too much Prostaglandin E-2 in their systems, which can ruin delicate blood vessels in every part of the body, like the penis, scalp and eyes. Remember that old warning about too much masturbation will make you go blind? Well, the distorted hormone balance can ruin your vision because of the DHT, the “supercharged” form of testosterone, that damages or destroys your hair follicles.

Nitric oxide (not to be confused with nitrous oxide) functions as the single most important chemical for achieving an erection. Your body can manufacture it in small quantities as needed, but the chemical itself is too unstable to be stored. Making excessive, repeated demands on the supply means that it has to be taken from elsewhere, which is yet another biological “debt” that excessive masturbation takes out. And unfortunately, your hair is just one of the other “accounts” in your body that pays that debt.

Find Relief?

First, ease off your masturbatory habits. Like any other bad habit, quitting takes time and effort, and you simply have to keep building on your successes. Talk with your healthcare provider about changes in diet to increase your levels of Prostaglandin E-1 and E-3, which counteract the effects of excessive Prostaglandin E-2 in different ways. Get more exercise to increase your testosterone levels, which will balance the effects of too much DHT in your system. And you should consider using an herbal supplement designed to assist your body recover from the stress of too much masturbation. (SEE: Very Severe Hair Loss Restoration Formula)

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