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How To Fix Excessive Seminal Leakage

Learn how a man in his mid 30s suffers from seminal leakage and how a handful of herbs could be just what he needs to rectify the situation.

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I am a 35-year-old male, and I've notice that when I have sex with my girlfriend, I leak a lot of clear liquid. I guess that I've always had some leakage when I'm aroused, but it seems excessive these days. Is this a problem? Can you tell me why this is happening?


Finding The Lea

It would come to no surprise that many men and women are not fans of excessive pre cum. Many of us don't even know why it's there in the first place. During the early stages of sexual realization, you were probably dealing with pre-ejaculation on a regular basis. But nobody should have to relive the joyous wonders of puberty in his mid 30s.

So what is this watery stuff? The clear liquid described in this particular case can be one of two conditions. As the substance is clearly not semen, it is most likely urethral liquid. This type of reaction is caused by an inflammation of the urethra or because of an over production of the urethral glands.

The second reason is because of a condition called hypersecretio urethralis. The urethral glands can become exhausted if you are frequently masturbating, which causes the parasympathetic sexual nerve to become weak. Once the nerves become weak, your ejaculation valve will continually leak throughout intercourse, causing your erection to lose strength.

Where the Pipes Lead

While it isn't a serious condition, it could develop into one. Seminal leakage could inadvertently lead to infertility problems. When a man ejaculates, his prostate will produce a white, alkaline liquid. This is the substance semen uses to get from point A to B. The substance balances the pH levels inside of a woman's vagina. A man who masturbates vigorously and often can force prostate to produce more of the watery solution, or “precum,” than needed.

Fixing A Leak

The best way to fix this problem is to rehabilitate the tissues of the parasympathetic nerves. You can do this by replenishing the nutrients and hormones required to make the ejaculation duct more powerful. Herbs, such as Lotus Stamen, Euryale Seeds, and Astragalus Complanatus (added in the Jin Suo Gu Jing Wang Formula), help to keep a man’s prostate clean while fighting off seminal leakage and erectile dysfunction. Always keep in mind, before choosing your plan of action that the most important step in stopping the leak is to keep the ejaculation duct shut.

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