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The Dark Side of Constant Masturbation

There are few activities more physically satisfying than masturbation. But too much of this good thing can kill your libido and cause premature ejaculation, among other problems. If you can already relate, read on to see how you can reverse the damage.

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I love to masturbate. It relaxes me. It’s the one activity that can improve my mood and minimize my stress levels—no matter how awful of a day or high my stress levels. I enjoy masturbation so much that I often find myself engaging in it two, three, and sometimes four times a day. If I could, I would probably do it more! Now it appears that my love for masturbation caused some unwanted side effects. My libido seems much lower than before. My once hard erections have been downgraded to a semi-flaccid state. Even my beloved endurance seems non-existent. Television commercials last longer than I do!

Did I over indulge in sex? Was my incessant lust for women and sex too much for my body to handle? Was my daily sexual activity with my girlfriend, ex-girlfriends, and female friends too much for my body to handle?


Masturbation: Perfectly Healthy, Unless...

Who doesn't love to masturbate? Guys do it, girls do it, religious leaders do it. In fact, remember the last time you shook someone's hand? There's a good chance that they had just finishing doing it too (so you may want to wash your hands).

The enjoyment of masturbation is one of the few things in this world that we all have in common, and it's a perfectly healthy—and even beneficial—activity. You might think of it like red wine: excellent in moderation, but bad news for binging.

The Downside of Masturbation

DHEA, HGH, and Serotonin. No, these aren't the names of famous techno DJs; they're the names of neurotransmitters and hormones produced inside your body. Here is a very quick breakdown:

  • DHEA is a natural circulating steroid that promotes strength, memory and reproductive health.
  • HGH (Human Growth Hormone) promotes the growth and production of healthy human cells.
  • Serotonin is a key neurotransmitter responsible for regulating mood.

So what do these seemingly incongruous chemicals have in common? Simple. All three of them are depleted when you masturbate too often. This is bad news, because the loss of DHEA and HGH can lead to diminished libido, weak erections and poor sexual performance, and the loss of serotonin can hinder your ability to achieve a healthy orgasm. And there are few things that suck more than losing your ability to have a killer climax.

Getting Back on Track

If you suffer from lost libido, premature ejaculation or other annoying side effects from over-masturbation, the first step is simple. As your parents and Sunday school teachers used to say, “Keep your hands above the covers.”

In other words, take a break from masturbating. Give your body some time to heal. Also consider using herbal remedies to restore your sexual function. Herbs like Butea Superba, Cuscuta, Epimedium and Panax Ginseng (formulated together) can go a long way in reversing the damage. Most importantly, be kind to your penis. After all, it has been very kind to you over the years.

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