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Enhancing Your Equipment By Hand

When the rest of his friends get to bragging about their length, he remains silent out of embarrassment for what he believes is his undersized tool. He's so self-conscious that he's never even had sex. What can he do to boost his boom stick without anyone knowing? Read on, get the facts and find out!

Case #: 1708


I am going to turn 27, and I am a virgin. I attribute my virginity to my penis length, which measures 3 inches erect. Most of the guys that I know brag about their sizes, which they claim measure 6 to 8 inches. Their sizes make me really sad, especially when I only have a 3-inch penis. I need help to make my penis bigger. I want to increase my size on my own without anybody knowing anything. Is there any sort of technique that will help me out?


It is as universal as eating and sleeping: Whenever two or more men get together, eventually, they're going to establish who the alpha is. In the absence of objective measurements of such intangible qualities as piety, duty and compassion, males will usually resort to comparing material possessions like houses (size vs. price vs. location) or vehicles (cars vs. boats vs. airplanes). Occasionally the discussion turns to honest topics like the quality and quantity of sexual encounters, but the true basis of the comparison is invariably “Whose penis is longest?”

Handling The Situation

The equivalent of trillions of dollars have been spent in the name of lengthening the lance. Potions, devices, tools and techniques explore, espouse and create less-than-satisfying results. Even today, where surgical enhancement offers a solution (if highly expensive), patients risk permanent damage and even possible impotence if surgeons severe the wrong nerve or blood vessel. Fortunately, the information age provides plenty of opportunity for comparison, winnowing out the lies and leaving the effective options.

Traditional Training

Of the many techniques passed around through oral tradition or on the Internet, only some have stood the test of time and effectiveness. One, known as Jelqing, shows positive results when practiced correctly. (TRY: Jeqling Technique for Penis Size Enhancement) Please note that the technique's poor reputation on the Internet stems from failing to heed several important warnings, such as using lubricant, avoiding stimulation to the point of ejaculation, and to only practice the technique no more than once every other day.

Just remember that there is more to being a sexually satisfied man than just penis-size. Being called “the biggest dick in the room” is rarely considered a compliment, after all. While you're working on directly enlarging your penis, you might also boost your self-confidence in other ways. Engage yourself in a moderate exercise program to build up your testosterone levels and stamina. Tissue regeneration requires lots of zinc and B-vitamins, so see if you can develop a taste for properly-cooked oysters and other seafood to supply both at once, or you can do your own research to find your new favorite foods that supply these nutrients.

As far as “shedding” your virginity goes, that's beyond the scope of this article, but it will help a lot if you have something more to offer the lady than your newly-enlarged equipment. Good luck!

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