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Saggy Balloons – Penis Shrinkage Due to Overmasturbation

This case involves a gentleman that has been over masturbating for a very long time. This has resulted in a shrinking member. Is there hope? What must he do to recover his lost size?

Case #: 964


I have been doing masturbation since I was 12, I came across that the penis got small by its size, and the sack of the testicles got long, I need an advice how to enlarge my penis and get hard erections.


In another case study, I mentioned how a friend of mine rented a party bus for my birthday a couple of years back. He showed up in it, surprising me, then I jumped on board and we made the rounds to pick up other friends at their places. What birthday would be complete without balloons, right?

Deflated Balloons

Well this was no exception, and when he showed up, there were already some balloons hovering around in the ceiling area of our snazzy, multi-colored party bus. The thing is, just about everybody that came on board from there had their own balloons that they’d purchased, resulting in the accumulation of quite a few balloons by the time we arrived to our destination. After partying for hours, some of the balloons had started to lose their buoyancy and drop to the floor of the bus.

What happens when you get in the mood for a little self-sexy time is that your brain fires off a series of neurochemicals to your reproductive region signally that it’s time to get Mr. Happy up and adam. Then, testosterone, dopamine, serotonin, and other hormones are releases through your glands, mobilizing a portion of your body’s blood supply to engorge the interconnected chambers within your penis for a nice hard erection.

Now let’s look at these same chambers as the aforementioned party balloons. As a result of your excessive masturbatory habits, you’ve not only depleted your body of neurochemicals and hormones critical in promoting a normal erection (air to fill balloons up with), but you’ve also causing the buildup of subcutaneous plaque due to rigorous hand movements. This has interfered with the transfer of blood to your penile chambers, resulting in small, saggy balloons, and therefore a small penis.

Another problem is the buildup of inflexible scar tissue within these same penile chambers, which restrict the amount of flexibility that they need to elongate and expand for a proper erection. It’s as if you poured a little bit of cement into some of your balloons, causing them to not grow properly when inflated.

Super Healthy Air Pump

First, you’ll want to stop masturbating and refrain from doing it for a few weeks. Allow your body to reset and start to rejuvenate itself. This can seem like a hard (no pun intended) thing to do, but in the long-run, you’ll see that you’re doing yourself a huge favor. Self-love doesn’t always have to be in the form of masturbation.

The use of natural healing herbs can really help you in your recovery. This is a long-term process, but with some determination and proper scheduling of herbal intake, you can overcome these issues. These powerful botanicals can erode the plaque build-up that is blocking your penile chambers, and can also repair the scar tissue within them. (SEE: Penile Scar Tissue Rejuvenation for Growth) They can also supply you with a boost in HGH and testosterone into these chambers, in order to promote erectile growth. Other benefits include boosting your acetylcholine, dopamine, and DHT levels, which can led to longer lasting erection as more blood is retained in the sponge-like tissues within your penile chambers. All of these positive enhancements will lead to fuller and longer lasting balloons for when it’s party time.

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