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Excess Exercise Exorcises Excitement

Like any other athlete, he tried to stretch his penis to enhance his sex life. But instead, his erections weakened. Did his penis stretching damage it, or was it an insidious side-effect of his diabetes? Can he fix it? Read on, get the facts and find out!
Case #:1821

I had an active, fulfilling sex life. To increase my penis size, I would try penis stretches, but I noticed my penis would go flaccid quickly. Now, my erections seem weak—I even have a difficult time maintaining an erection. Could the years of exercises to my penis be the cause? Or is my being diabetic the cause for concern?

There are no other known life forms that devote as much time and energy towards sex as humans do. On top of that, we not only tell each other about our experiences but hear and read about others'. Problems arise when guys' attempts to enhance our sexual experience involve ill-conceived techniques that do not take into account how the penis actually works, which threaten the penis' ability to achieve and sustain erections at all. Let's take a look at how your erections and ejaculations actually work to get a clearer idea of how the process can break down, and then how to get your sex life back on track.
Passing The Baton

Erections aren't as simple as they look from the outside. Internally, they require a kind of domino-effect, involving lots of biochemicals produced in sequence, which means that glands and organs must be activated and adjusted during the process. In turn, this means that your nerves must be in tip-top shape. Physiologically, your erection starts when your parasympathetic nerve system triggers the production of nitric oxide to dilate the blood vessels in your penis. Subsequently, your adrenal glands produce adrenalin, your brain produces dopamine, your testes produce testosterone, and so on, but it all has to be coordinated via neural signals.
Diabetes can constrict your blood vessels, as well as screw up your neural pathways, both of which can have significant effects on your sex life. You need extra blood to inflate your left and right corpus cavernosum, as well as your corpus spongiosum, in order to have an erection at all. Your nerves send signals from your brain to your glands and other parts to let the behind-the-scenes action progress smoothly, as well as sending sensory signals back to your brain to let you know when what you are doing feels good, or when you might be hurting yourself.
Training Injuries

Penile stretching exercises are doomed to fail 100% of the time because they do not take into account how erections work normally. To safely and permanently expand your erections requires increasing the amount of blood forced into your erectile tissue, as well as providing additional levels of testosterone to assist in tissue recovery and growth and other internal factors. Pure stretching does none of these things.
Instead, stretching your penis will produce tiny leaks inside your erectile tissue, in addition to the ones normally made as a by-product of your erections. Your body can repair both kinds of holes in a couple of days, but only if you don't make more holes during that time. Your penis' decreasing ability to maintain pressure, due to blood vessels clogged with scar tissue as well as unplugged holes, is the cause of your weak erections.
Recovery Work
First, you'll need to stop doing penis exercises, as well as ejaculating, for at least three solid weeks. Your body needs this time to really clear out the backlog of necessary penis-repairs.
Assist those repairs by increasing your zinc and B-vitamin consumption. These nutrients are critical for new tissue growth and recovery. Properly-prepared oyster, crab and lobster provide excellent supplies of both. Lean red meats, toasted wheat germ and pumpkin seeds offer good supplies of zinc, while most salads (leafy green vegetables, legumes, dairy products and eggs) cover most of your B-vitamin requirements. Cross-reference your own research with the dietary suggestions for controlling your diabetes, and you may find your recovery progressing even faster.
A moderate exercise program will help increase your testosterone levels, which in turn will boost your tissue-repair processes. It will also improve your cardiovascular health, which will stave off tissue damage from poor circulation in, say, your eyes, feet or penis.
Next, you might consider taking an all-natural herbal supplement, designed to assist with repairing damaged nerves and tissue, and strengthening your erections. (SEE: Firming Erection Herbal Tincture)
I also strongly recommend bringing your health-care provider in on your situation and how you're addressing it, as a trained professional's opinion on your progress and any necessary adjustments can shave weeks off your recovery time. Be patient, follow the instructions, and trust the process to take place at its own pace. Your erections will recover in d

What to do

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