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Anal Douching: How To Knock On The Back Door The Proper Way

Are you interested in having anal sex, but you don't want to have to deal with a possibly big mess? Step into my office, and I'll give you the secret tip to having a clean anal experience.
Case #: 1884

My girlfriend wants to have anal sex. She has brought up the topic a number of times. I want to do it as well, but I don't want there to be any awkward clean up afterwords, if you know what I mean. How can I be sure that she is all good to go down there?

I have to admit, just the thought of having anal sex has always been very intriguing. So, the very first time I engaged in the particular sex act, I wasn't nervous that it would hurt at all. I was more excited than anything else. The only thing I was really worried about was the possibility that having anal sex might unleash a butt load of mess. Please forgive my vulgarity.
Knock, Knock, Knock

In order to be sure that there wouldn't be any sort of mess, I made sure not to have any big meals that day. I also tried to void my bowels, roughly about a hundred times. I was beyond paranoid that something was going to go wrong, and because of my intense worrying I was super tense throughout the entire experience. Luckily, there was no mess to deal with in the end, but I really felt like I could have had a much better time if I was only 100% sure I wouldn't be dying of embarrassment thirty minutes later.
Second Time's A Charm

I wanted to try again, but this time I knew I needed to be a little more prepared. I started to do some research on anal sex, and I have to say, I probably found the best solution out there. The answer: Anal Douching. (SEE: Guide to Choosing Correct Douche) I had douched vaginally before, so it seemed only logical to do the same thing for my anus. That thing can never be too clean.
I usually recommend for women who are about to dip their toes in the back door pleasure pool, to try taking a nice hot bath with their partner's first. This will help to keep the outside of the anus too, but mostly I suggest it as a relaxation exercise. Don not let that calming water fool you ladies! A bath or shower will not get you completely clean, or as clean as you need to be for anal sex.
The only way to insure that all harmful bacteria has been removed from your rectum, is to remove it with an anal douche.
Be Safe, Not Sorry

I would also recommend using condoms each and every time you engage in anal sex. It will prevent harmful bacteria from entering your partner's penis, as well as protect the both of you from transferring any sexually transmitted diseases.
Once you have the steps down, it really is an enjoyable experience. You just have to be prepared. Anal sex is not like regular intercourse for a number of reasons. For one, the anus does not self lubricate like the vagina does, so you'll have to look into things like lube. You simply must use lubrication when engaging in anal intercourse... Old fashion saliva just won't cut it, trust me. Get a good lube that is water based. Oil-based lubes can actually do some pretty severe damage to the vaginal and anal openings. Plus, they are very messy to deal with. Silicone-based lubes are less harmful to the genital area, but they are also murder on good bed sheets.

What to do

Anal Douches Reviews - For Clean &Poop-Free Anal Experience

The first questi

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