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Serious Subcutaneous Side-Effects

He only used the techniques for a few days, but his erections still rise reluctantly and don't get hard. What has happened? And more importantly, can he do anything to fix it? Read on, get the facts and find out!

Case #: 1480


2 months ago I started to do stretching and milking techniques on my penis. After a few days of doing it I decided to quit. A week after doing these exercises I noticed that my penis started to become discolored as if it were bruised or something. I also have a really hard time getting any erections. Whenever I do succeed my erection it is not as hard as it was before. I thought this would eventually go away but it has not and now I am starting to get really worried about this. Anything I can do to help?


It's a rare and remarkably self-confident man who has never once wished for a bigger erection, and this has been true for just about as long as human males have been capable of comparing their erections to anything they can see or imagine. This desire, in turn, has led to uncountable numbers of attempts to grant that wish down through history.

Like Almost Nothing Else You Have

A rare few have actually delivered on that promise, but the vast majority has resulted in results ranging from “disappointing” to “catastrophic”. The failures most commonly stem from a misunderstanding of how erections actually work. Almost alone among the primate species, the human penis has no bones or muscles in its structure, so trying to strengthen it using variations on techniques used on the rest of the body cannot succeed.

The Plumb(ing) Truth

Your erections actually work by hydraulic pressure: the penile arteries dilate much wider than normal, allowing a much greater volume of blood to flow into the corpus cavernosum and corpus spongiosum. Once these tissues are engorged, the valves seal until you ejaculate or otherwise release the erection. The process requires a series of biochemical and neurological actions, each one triggering the next in a very specific sequence. Trying to change or skip any part of it will almost always lead to undesired effects.

In your particular case, the exercises did not involve the parasympathetic nerves to make the penile arteries dilate. Your body also did not deliver additional supplies of prostaglandin e-2 to assist in dilation, nor did you get extra amounts of prostaglandin e-1 or e-3 to help your erection recover afterward.

The tissues were not prepared for the sudden increase in blood pressure and sprung many tiny leaks, which caused the bruised appearance. Your body has tried to repair the leaks, but has not been able to fully heal them, resulting in blood vessels constricted by scar tissue. In some cases, the damage was either caused or healed unevenly, which can even result in a distinct curve to your erections.

Finish The Repairs

To restore your erections, you will have to let your body finish the repair work. On average, this will mean no ejaculations for at least three weeks. It's okay if you ejaculate once every three or four days, but that will extend the recovery time by a significant amount.

You should also look into improving your diet, with an eye toward giving your body extra nutrients to help it recover from the damage. Figure out how much zinc and B-Complex you're getting already, and try to eat more meats, dairy, leafy vegetables and whole grains, among others. Your health-care provider will have more suggestions on that point, as well as ideas on a moderate exercise regimen to boost your natural testosterone levels and thereby power stronger erections.

Finally, you should consider taking an all-natural herbal supplement, designed to enhance your body's repair processes. It will help seal the leaks and reduce scar-tissue, which will improve blood circulation to and through the affected areas. (TRY: Natural Herbal Formula for Penile Damage & Injury Repair) As this happens, a greater supply of hormones like prostaglandin e-1 and nutrients will get where they are needed. It will also enhance production of hormones and neurotransmitters, which will let the damaged neural networks regenerate more quickly.

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