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Cranium Cruncher – Wiener Whacking and Splitting Migraines

This case involves a man who is stuck in a rut in that he keeps over masturbating and is now suffering from severe headaches. How can he hope to free himself from these nightmarish migraines?

Case #: 1835


I get the shakes and shivers after my orgasm. Sometimes I will go to sleep and get them later in the night. Can you help me, please?


Come on fellas…just admit it, you know you do it. Heck, most people who have a healthy sexual libido engage in it so there’s nothing to be ashamed of. Masturbation is a pastime which is shunned in most countries yet everyone is doing it. Sometimes people have to go to great lengths to hide the fact that they self-pleasure themselves, usually because of cultural or religious reasons. How ironic it is then that religion is the cause of most of the wars on the planet Earth and at the same time, something that is pleasurable (and peaceful) is totally dissed on.

Just as when people will go out of their way in order to do something that is “forbidden” or “naughty,” such as when the parents of boys and girls tell them not to date a certain ethnicity and they do it anyway, so do people engage in lots of masturbation. To some, breaking the rules of society, or even one’s peers or family, can result in a high in and of itself. Unfortunately, some people can unwittingly slip into the addictive stage, just as one could with street drugs, alcohol, gambling, and the like.

Too Much Naughty Pleasure

What can happen in certain cases of chronic masturbation is that a person can blow through their body’s supply of critical enzymes such as pyridoxal phosphate and glutamic acid. This in turn can inhibit the conversion of glutamate into GABA during sexual arousal, causing stress hormones to flood throughout the body.

When this occurs, people can start to feel as though some evil sadist from the Saw horror films has stuck their head into a vice and is slowly cranking away on it. So how can you find release from these torturous migraines?

Help…Get Me Out of This Thing!

Luckily, there are certain herbal concoctions available that can put an end to your pain and suffering once and for all. (TRY: Natural Herbal Headache & Migraine Relief) These ancient botanicals contain properties which can reduce both the over-accumulation of stress hormones throughout your body, as well as inhibit the release of histamines which contribute to your cranial pain and inflammation.

A sexually exhausted body is a body which has constricted blood vessels, which can cause further head pain, but these herbal mixtures re-balance sex hormones, leading to increased blood circulation.

All of these all-natural proactive factors can rejuvenate one’s body and restore a properly functioning libido and sexuality, resulting in a pain-free existence. So let’s remove your poor head from that torture vice and get you back to a normal life.

What to do

Natural Headache & Migraine Relief

Understand how over masturbation can lead to headache and migraine pain. Find relief today.

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