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Smoking Kills…His Erections—He Can’t Keep it Up, But Doesn’t Want to Cut Down on His Joints

He smokes marijuana regularly, but has begun having issues getting and sustaining an erection. He’s done some research that suggests that marijuana might be the root of his problems. Is that true, or is there some other cause that could be creating his erectile dysfunction?
Case #:2040

Hi, I’m a regular weed smoker and haven’t had any issues with it until recently. I’ve begun having less than amazing erections, and can’t seem to stay hard through sex. It’s a new problem, but I haven’t been doing anything different in my life. I read some articles that said marijuana can cause erectile dysfunction, but I wanted to ask to make sure before I try cutting down or anything. Thoughts?

Your reading has pointed you in the right direction. Sadly for you, marijuana is a huge detriment to a healthy male sex life—no matter how lovey-dovey it might make you feel. It could be that you’ve reached a point in your life where your liver functioning just isn’t up to snuff, or your hormones have begun to decrease, but no matter what it is, marijuana is snowballing the issue.
Liver Lover

When your liver is functioning optimally, the occasional blunt isn’t going to hurt you too much. However, if anything begins to negatively impact your liver, you’re going to quickly begin noticing issues with your body—due to the accumulation of THC, and its effects. This can be as simple as a lingering grogginess, or as complicated as a perpetually malfunctioning penis.
Long-Lasting, But Not the Way You Want

THC is not typically a compound with persistent effects, although, being lipophilic, it does tend to hang around in the body much longer than you want it to. Nevertheless, the dopiness, the cravings, and the desire for physical affection generally pass within six hours. When they don’t, you know something’s gone wrong.
Brain Drain

What’s currently occurring in your body is the effect of THC on your brain itself. THC has the ability to block neurotransmitters in the brain—specifically the ones that inform the hypothalamus of the need to produce the steroids necessary for the production of testosterone. Without these signalers in place, testosterone production will gradually diminish, until one day, it’s barely there at all. This is what’s happening now. Your body hasn’t produced testosterone in so long that you’re now operating almost without any at all. And that’s a big problem.
Erection Connection

You need testosterone to create the chemicals necessary for erection—nitric oxide. If you haven’t got any testosterone, your erections will be continually subpar. Luckily for you, as soon as you increase your testosterone levels again, and get THC off of your brain, you’ll again have erections as per usual.
Native Healer

How does one self-remove THC and produce testosterone? The answer is simple: look to nature. You’re currently self-medicating with God’s green—why not try another option. I think Milk Thistle is a better alternative. (TRY: Marijuana Detoxifying Formula for ED Help) It’s a powerful detoxifier, working to filter and purify the entire body, and boost production of the liver and kidneys. It also assists the body in regaining hormonal balance, through its high levels of antioxidants.
If you want to get your erections back, you need to cut the smoking and let Milk Thistle do its good work upon you. Give yourself at least thirty days to get back in the saddle, and then see how you feel. I think you’ll find life’s better when you’ve got a boner.

What to do

Milk Thistle: The Detoxifier

A man requires a gamut of intricate, well-timed chemical reactions to gain and maintain an erection.

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