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Risky Business – Unprotected Sex and a Fishy Smelling Penis

Here’s a gentleman that engaged in sex without a condom and is now concerned about a stench coming from his penis. He is trying to track down the cause of this unpleasant and potentially embarrassing problem.

Case #: 1631


There are a lot of questions out there about penis smell but none of them really answer mine. I am having a weird smell after I have unprotected sex. I am uncircumcised and I clean my penis on a daily basis and under the skin every single day. Before when I would masturbate I didn't really have a smell but after I had unprotected sex with a girl I would start to smell it. I stopped seeing the girl and started to use a cream that would help yeast infection and the smell went away. I then went on to masturbate and to a surprise, there was no smell. But then, I had unprotected sex again with a different girl, (girlfriend now), and the smell has come back. Is this normal or is there something wrong with me? Help me please.


Casey had just started college and he had noticed something had started as well: A healthy sexual appetite. College courses weren’t the only thing he was studying; and many of the hot, young, fresh female talent on display on the campus was something that he’d never seen before. It was like a conveyor belt of chicks. He hadn’t wasted any time bedding down one of them just as the school year started. He’d been so excited at having his first “real” sexual experience that he didn’t think to use protection. Casey naively assumed that everything was kosher with her health, although he started to notice a slightly fishy smell coming from his penis afterwards, but didn’t think much of it.

A short time later, he met another girl that he liked even more since she had showed him a lot more in the bedroom. Insecure about losing her, he got her to enter into a long-term relationship. One time, when she was about to perform oral sex on him, her head suddenly reeled backward and she asked him why his groin “stank” so much. Casey’s pulse quickened as he considered the possibilities of what might be wrong.


Although this isn’t exactly what happened; you may have felt a little similar in becoming more concerned about the smell emanating from your penis. Not to alarm you, but sometimes women can have infections such as trichomonas, or gardnerella, both of which are forms of bacterial vaginitis, and these can be transmitted to men via sexual contact. Other times it may be due to the body’s natural skin shedding process.

Every day, the human body discards up to a million skin cells; think of it as a snake shedding its skin and leaving it behind. This is in order to help the body prevent factors which lead to disease. Unfortunately, sometimes this can lead to the accumulation of dead skin in certain areas, namely your penis, especially if you are uncircumcised. Uncircumcised men stand more of a chance of having a putrid penis than circumcised ones because more of the dead skin can build-up underneath the foreskin, along with dried sperm, urine, and bacteria. So what can be done to help with this smelly problem?

Getting Rid of That “Fish Stick”

In order to eliminate the possibility that it may be some sort of more serious infection, men should consult their physician and get a check-up.

Granted it’s nothing more serious, there are powerful all-natural herbal remedies available that can help with a fishy smelling penis. (SEE: Bad Penis Smell Go Away Formula with Myrica Rubra) The specialized properties contained in these mixtures can alleviate the dead skin cell build-up and also dead sperm cells that can linger on your penis. An added benefit is that these botanicals are all natural so you won’t suffer from any side-effects, and they work in unison with basic hygiene practices. Remember, you only have one body in this lifetime, so take care of it – and always use protection.

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