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Wanted: Man Capable of Lasting in Bed and Pleasing His Woman without Coming Too Quickly

She’s tired of the lover who doesn’t last long enough in bed to give her pleasure. She’s happy with her relationship but extremely unhappy with her sex life. If things don’t change soon, she’s going to end things with this guy and look for one who know how to satisfy a woman.
Case #: 1921

I have a problem many women must deal with but never talk about. I need my lover to last longer in bed. He comes so quickly, I don’t stand a chance. We’ve been together a while, more than a year, and sex with him is less satisfying than ever. I don’t know how to talk to him about this – he seems perfectly fine with our lovemaking. I’m really into this guy and am otherwise happy with our relationship. But if he doesn’t start satisfying me in bed, I’m going to end things. I’m in this for the long-run, and a healthy sex life is critical to lasting happiness. Do you have any suggestions to help him go from bedroom zero to hero?

The Journal of Sexual Medicine suggests 33 percent of males deal with premature ejaculation (PE). That’s one in three men, a much higher ratio than you probably expected. PE is defined as a lack of control over the male orgasm, meaning a man comes whether he wants to or not. No timetable exists for premature ejaculation, so the condition is open to interpretation. One male might be entirely satisfied lasting for 10 minutes, while another may not be.
The man’s partner also factors into this equation. She might be similarly happy with sex that lasts less than 15 minutes – or, like you, she might lack all satisfaction. Premature ejaculation is therefore a topic that requires conversation. Although you may not want to speak to your partner about your mounting frustration, you really should. He needs to know his bedroom prowess is lacking so he can make a change.
Why A Male Orgasms Too Quickly

Nobody knows exactly why some men orgasm too quickly. A leading contributor is performance anxiety. To prove he’s sufficiently capable at sex, a man will rush to orgasm so his partner doesn’t suspect otherwise. Into this fold also comes a lack of confidence, again about performance. The male ego is more fragile than you might think, so don’t be too harsh in criticizing your lover. You said yourself he suspects nothing is wrong in the bedroom. Until you tell him otherwise, he’ll continue doing exactly what he’s been doing.
Other factors that contribute include depression, over-masturbation and unreasonable expectations about sex. It’s possible your lover thinks you can reach orgasm as quickly as he does. Or maybe he expects his own pleasure to be the main objective of making love.
Try a New Technique

If your mind is made up, and you absolutely don’t want to speak to your lover, you can try a technique in the bedroom to increase his stamina. It’s called the Stop-Start Method and involves little more than your patience and his willingness to participate. You’ll also have to intuitively gauge when he’s getting close to orgasm. Let us explain.
The Stop-Start Method requires you to pleasure your lover until he’s on the brink of orgasm. Then you stop, give him sufficient time to recover and do it again. After three consecutive times of “teasing,” you let him come on the fourth time. Sure, he may wonder what you’re doing, but he may also enjoy the extra attention.
Just make sure you don’t lose your patience – your pleasure is important, too, so you may need to teach him a few techniques to give you an orgasm. Encourage him to stimulate you with his hand, fingers or tongue. This mutual giving and receiving builds incredible intimacy.
The Natural Way

If your boyfriend masturbates often, or the two of you engage in frequent sex, he may have a hormonal imbalance. This also contributes to premature ejaculation. We recommend an herbal formula to go with the Stop-Start Method discussed earlier. (SEE: Stop and Start Technique for Ejaculation Control) A blend that includes Epimedium and Cistanche will increase the body’s natural production of testosterone. It also enhances libido and increases stamina. As an added bonus, your man will have more energy.
Keep in mind different formulas yield different results. If your lover is over 35 and suffers performance anxiety or undue nervousness, he may want to take Calm Pills for Hyperactively Aroused Premature Ejaculation. You’ll only know his true feelings, however, if you speak to him. Again, we encourage you do just this – it’ll bring you closer to the man you love.

What to do

Herbal Companion Stop-Start Premature Ejaculation Method

The Stop-Start Method is a form of training a man to control his ejaculatory reflexes. Similar to the Taoist Control Technique, it helps a man understand and measure his sexual sensations.

Calm Pills For Hyperactively Aroused Premature Ejaculation

If you suffer from P.E. problems caused by anxiety or worry, take the formula to calm your spirit.

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