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Wait, It Can Really Happen To My Eye Floaters

A guy who's already having vision problems, then notices that post-masturbation, he has even more trouble seeing. How does the damage get from your penis to your eyes? Read on, get the facts, and find out what you can do if you find his symptoms sounding familiar.

Case #: 746


I am a bit blind. Without my glasses, I cannot see a stop sign 2 feet away from me. And lately, I’ve noticed my vision worsen. Each time I blink, I see huge blots of blurry lines cover my vision. I cannot drive. I cannot see my computer screen. Heck, I can’t even enjoy watching television because of my poor vision. I will say this: that after I masturbate, my vision gets worse. What’s wrong with me!


Guys caught masturbating used to be told “If you don't stop doing that, you'll go blind!” Of course, we were also warned that it would make hair grow on our palms or other ridiculous things. And people used to believe that the Earth was flat, so this might be the same, right? Sadly, excessive masturbation really can lead to vision problems, and here comes the science.

Screwing Up Your Eyes By Screwing Too Much

From start to finish, sexual activity (with or without a partner) involves a series of neurological and biochemical/hormonal events. Unlike many ridiculous devices that achieve simple tasks through unnecessarily complex and inefficient procedures, each step of the ejaculation has a purpose. But the thing to remember is that the process also requires time and materials for your body to recover from it, and when you don't give your body enough of either before you go again, you could be doing a lot more harm than “merely” tiring yourself out.

Imagine a party where every guest performs one step of cooking the main dish of the meal. As entertaining as it might be, it also tends to leave a mess in the kitchen, with leftover ingredients on the counter and dirty dishes in the sink. If everyone wants to do it all again, it's best to make time to clean up and properly prepare for the next time.

Ejaculations are similar in many ways: your body uses up various nutrients that perform other functions, leave trace amounts of waste products in your bloodstream and put a little wear and tear on the organs involved, among other things. Continuing the party-cooking analogy, the results of your friends' assembly-line cooking would probably be less satisfying and leave more of a mess if you had them all line up for a second attempt too quickly, and even less so if you immediately made them do it again.

Rusty Vision?

Ejaculation produces biochemical byproducts in your bloodstream. One category of these products is oxidizers, excess quantities of which causes “oxidative stress” throughout your body. They can affect the rods and cones in your eyes by depleting C3G phytochemicals from them. Phytochemicals help your eyes process visual images, like the chemicals used to process photographs back when they used actual film.

The problem is that your eyes process images roughly twenty times per second when your visual cycle is working normally; when you ejaculate too much, your supply of phytochemicals doesn't get replenished fast enough to process visual input at the same rate, so you notice the “gaps” more often.

Aside from damaging the “film” in the back of your eyes, oxidative stress can damage the muscles that control your iris, and many scientists believe that it is a contributing factor in cataracts and glaucoma.

Where's The Repair Shop?

Your first step is to reduce your ejaculations as much as possible; going without for three weeks or so should be enough to give your body plenty of time to get the recovery process under way. Next, talk to your health-care provider and make sure that there are no other problems interfering with your vision; undiagnosed diabetes can affect your vision, as well.

You should also try eating more foods that contain zinc (such as toasted wheat germ or spinach), copper (sesame seeds and cocoa powder) and rutin (citrus fruits and tartary buckwheat); look the elements up to find more ideas. While you explore these options, you should also consider using an all-natural herbal supplement (TRY: Herbal Treatment For Eye Health) designed specifically to help your eyes repair the damage from oxidative stress.

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