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Retarded Ejaculation - Caused By Penis Pain & Injury

Having a potent ejaculation is not only important for a man's sexual confidence, it is essential for procreation.  For some men, despite strong erections and lively sex, their sexual encounters conclude with a disappointing ending.  When a man's ejaculation is delayed, inhibited, and weak, it's a condition known as retarded ejaculation (aka inhibited ejaculation or delayed ejaculation).
You could be engaging in vigorous and mutually satisfying intercourse but never be able to reach the finish line. It would be like a NASCAR race with the exclusion of the checkered flag. In other words you would just be driving around in circles, no cup and no victory. Your orgasms are the victory, if you can fully express your orgasms then what is the point of sex. Of course you want to please your lover and they in turn want to be pleased, but they also want you to be fulfilled, especially if whatever is holding you back can be easily addressed and dealt with.

Retarded ejaculation happens when ejaculation is slow to occur.  Retarded ejaculation can be caused by psychological factors, a lack of attraction for a partner, and past traumatic events.  In addition, there are a number of biological factors that contribute to retarded ejaculation, such as diabetes, vasectomy, medications, penis injury, street drugs, or sexual exhaustion caused by over-ejaculation.

Dealing with each spectrum of this issue can be slightly complicated and requires you to really try and identify how your body is responding to sexual stimulation so you can go about pinpointing the root cause. If it is biological you should be able to single that out but if it is psychological that may be a more difficult challenge. A biological condition can be easily treated with supplements or medication but a psych condition can be made worse by misdiagnosis because of the meds you would take to try and treat the considered problem. 
All of these can kill the liver, adrenal and testicular functions associated with the production of critical neurochemicals and the conversion of certain hormones, namely DHEA, androstenedione, testosterone, and estrogen.  This results in a flooding of prolactin from your pituitary glands, leading to prostate dysfunction and low or no seminal production.
The fact is that if your body is hormonally out of balance and you are no longer producing enough seamen to ejaculate, then you are in serious need of assistance, although other than this one symptom you would appear to be perfectly fine. An inability to ejaculate might only seem like a temporary issue that if left alone, might just go away on its own. In reality the longer you delay treatment and recovery, the longer it will take once you no longer have a choice but to accept what is happening, by that time who knows what condition you’ll be in. 
Normally, semen consists of about 40% prostate fluid -- which contains citrate, enzymes, prostaglandins, neurochemicals, minerals, and steroid/androgen hormones -- and about 60% seminal fluid, which contains highly-alkaline fluid, fructose sugar, ascorbic acid, a coagulating enzyme and prostaglandins.  But due to the flood of prolactin preventing your prostate and/or seminal vesicles from producing semen, your ejaculation fluid becomes very watery, non-viscous and clear, unlike healthy ejaculation fluid, which is thick and milky white.
Also, keep in mind that if you work too hard on your penis in order to ejaculate, you may irritate your penile skin and kill the sensitivity in your penis. Many healing herbal formula are recommended to restore penile sensitivity.

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