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Impotence – Caused by Cholesterol Medications

A wife writes in; she’s concerned about her husband’s waning libido and inability to get things rockin’ in the bedroom. She suspects that the culprit could be his prescribed cholesterol medication. Is she onto something here…?

Case #: 1139


I just ordered a solution for women going thru menopause it worked great for me with the night sweats. Now, my husband is 50 years old and he is having trouble maintaining an erection. While we're having sex he sometimes goes limp. He takes medication for high cholesterol.


I know that we’ve all heard the tired politically correct blather that being with someone should be about what’s inside of them, who they are as a person, how they treat and respect their mate, and how sex really doesn’t matter. SCREEEEECH! What was the last part of that sentence?

Shotgun Approach Doesn’t Always Work Well

Okay, before you look at me as being callous, I do believe that people can probably experience more of a person than just their physicality if they so choose to, resulting in an overall fuller experience. But let’s be real; humans are sexual creatures, and to try and deny untold years of evolution is just poppycock (no pun intended). Realistically, you’d like to experience a full sexual relationship with your husband and that will just enhance the other, equally important facets of your mutual fulfillment.

What’s happening here is that your husband has taken cholesterol medication which is well known to cause erective dysfunction (E.D.) in men. What this medication does is try to alleviate the “bad cholesterol,” or LDL, that builds up in a person’s arteries in the form of fatty deposits, or plaque. LDL isn’t all bad; it does help the liver produce hormones.

Unfortunately, as the medications attempt to limit the steroid enzymes produced by the liver that are involved in the cholesterol-hormonal conversion, they also curtail the production of testosterone, DHEA, and other androgen hormones. This all leads to a soft member, since firm erections depend on the delivery of androgenic hormones. So let’s look at alternatives to this “shot-gun” medication cocktail approach.

Road Back to Passion

Start off with a sturdy foundation by making sure that your husband is fueling his body with the proper food intake that his body needs. Plenty of legumes and grains for daily fiber, brown rice and whole grain breads, nuts, and fruits and vegetables all reduce cholesterol, and help to limit the amount of cholesterol taken by the intestines.

He may also be interested in taking a natural herbal formula. These powerful concoctions can not only mitigate the negative side-effects of cholesterol medication on his liver, but can also boost his production of nitric oxide, and greatly increase blood flow, leading to firmer erections once again. (TRY: Erection Restoration for Cholesterol Problems) In addition to that, they also help to rebalance hormonal levels and restore androgen output to normal levels, which leads to a healthier, more vibrant libido and overall energy levels. Lastly, these formulas have preventative qualities, in that they provide oxidative protection to aging penile tissues; in essence slowing down the toll age has on sex-drive. So all you would have to do from there is buckle up for a newly excited, capable, and passionate husband!

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