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Snap Goes Your Penis – Jelqing it to Death

This fellow has been jerking and stretching his penis to no end, and now his erections are half-mast. If that weren’t enough, he’s experiencing premature ejaculations. How can he rectify this situation?

Case #: 1847


I remained convinced that I could enlarge my penis using penile stretches. I did a few Jelqing exercise for a couple weeks, and instead I experienced the opposite results: shrinkage. Since doing the exercises, I found my erections much weaker and even my endurance non-existent—I ejaculate within 5 minutes. What have I done to myself?


So there you are lying in bed next to your girlfriend; you’ve just blown your wad and a slight sheen of sweat coats your brow. You’re so satisfied, and you’re pretty sure you lover is too. I mean, you just worked it out for a full five to six minutes, and didn’t you hear her gasp for breath a couple of times? It wasn’t a yawn…no, it most certainly wasn’t that! Nope...

Your girlfriend slowly turns toward you, she caresses your face gently and kisses you on the cheek. Why is she being so nice all of a sudden, you wonder? She sidles up to your ear and then those dreaded words roll off of her tongue:

“Hon, uh…it’s fine and everything, but well…is there any way that we can make you bigger down there?”

The bed now might as well be a coffin right after that; the universes collapses and you’re suddenly starring in your own horror movie. Just as the last bits of sweat fade away so too does the last remnants of your ego.

You’ve Only Got One Member…Take Care of it

This type of situation has happened to many men, sending them scrambling in order to find a way to increase their penis size. One popular technique is jelqing, where a man jerks and tugs at his penis in order to try to stimulate growth. However, the penis is a very complex and delicate organ, and stretching it too much can not only result in bruising and pain, but also long-term nerve damage.

You can look at the fibrous, sub dermal nerve tissue within the penis as a series of rubber bands; if you try to extend them beyond their natural threshold, some of them will snap. When that happens, the resultant damage can interfere with the dilator neurotransmitters and nitric oxide intake, which normally power your erections. What’s the result? You got it: One saggy wiener! So how do you reverse this trend?

Mending the Rubber Bands

Waiting for your poor penile nerves to heal can be a lengthy process, but men can speed up the process by taking powerful healing herbs. (TRY: Penis Injury Repair & Restoration Formula) These mixtures are highly effective at clearing out any scar tissue that may have formed within your penis’s tiny interconnected blood chambers, and allow proper blood flow. They can also help by providing the necessary nutrients that your body needs in order to repair your ruptured penile nerves.

These factors allow you penis to heal at an accelerated pace, while also supplying you with nitric oxide in order to power those firm, long-lasting erections once more.

So invest in yourself and re-power your erections, while also taking your sex life to the next level. Your lover will love it and so will you!

What to do

Penile Injury & Nerve Damage Repair For Penis Numbness

Penis numbness, inhibited ejaculation, and delayed orgasm disorder are often caused by penile nerve ending damage. If you suffer from penile pain, numbness or burising, try this solution.

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