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Male Infertility - Caused by Retrograde Ejaculation

Few experiences are more alarming to a man than having an orgasm with no ejaculation.  Even though his sexual experience can be normal in every way -- hard erection, prolonged stamina, and intense orgasm -- it is still possible for a man to produce little or no semen during an orgasm.  It's a condition known as reverse, or retrograde ejaculation.

For many men, part of the sexual experience is the instinctive satisfaction that comes from sharing seminal fluids with their partner. They might even consider that their partner may be insecure about possibly being infertile and limitedly viable as a life mate. The feelings could also go the other way; the man may feel incapable of getting a woman pregnant, and eventually give up on the possibility.


Reverse ejaculation is often caused by diabetes, due to problems with the nerves in the bladder and the bladder neck that allow the ejaculate to flow backward. Other causes include complications from surgery on the bladder neck, prostate or abdomen, and use of certain medications, particularly those used to treat mood disorders.

Dry Orgasm

Reverse ejaculation does not affect your ability to get an erection or have an orgasm. Although you still reach sexual climax, you may ejaculate very little or no semen. This is called a “dry orgasm”. As a result, your urine will be cloudy after an orgasm because it contains semen.  Reverse ejaculation isn't harmful, but it can cause fertility problems.

You don’t want to let this issue become too serious. The longer you wait to deal with it, the more difficult it will be to heal and recover. Even if it only happens on rare occasions, you should still go and have yourself checked out by your general physician.


There are certain things you can do to prevent reverse ejaculation caused by nerve damage from diabetes or the use of certain medications.  If you have diabetes, you need to keep your blood sugar under control.  If you're taking medications for high blood pressure or a mood disorder, ask your doctor if they can cause reverse ejaculation. You may be able to take another medication instead, or at least change doses.
Also, be aware that if you put too much strain on your penis in order to ejaculate, you may irritate your penile skin and diminish the necessary sensitivity.

Natural Solutions

You can increase seminal production and enhance your pancreas function with the Harmonic Qi Gong technique. Qi Gong is a combination of breathing, meditation, and visualization exercises that stimulate your innate healing power. Harmonic Qi Gong is a powerful way to channel your bio-energy to the injured areas of your body. For centuries it has been a practice of Tao Masters and Buddhist monks. Adapted versions of Qi Gong have spread throughout different regions of the world. Masters of the Art from Tibet, China, and India have all combined Qi Gong with meditation and incorporated it into their religious practices.
Now you can learn Harmonic Qi Gong and how to channel your own internal repair mechanisms for better health and recovery. You can incorporate many herbs beneficial for diabetes treatment, such as Bitter Melon, Karela, Shardunikha, and Gymnema Sylvester. A change in diet is important, as well. You might consider substituting your sugar intake with any one of an array of natural sweeteners, like Stevia, Xylitol, Lo Han, or maple syrup.

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