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No Sex and High Stress: Finding a Cure to Those Sex-less Nights

His stress level continues to cause him to lose focus during sex. Now, he refuses to partake in the activity.

Case #: 29625

Stress and Ejaculation Facts
1. Stress can lead to deficienies of  GABA and serotonin, which serves as one cause of premature ejaculation

2."Talk therapy," psychotherapy where couples discuss their relationships and experiences, can reduce stress and premature ejaculation.
I am stressed. I am exhausted. I am overworked. My career creates plenty of tension in my life—and working 60-80 hours a week does little to alleviate this stress. According to my naturopathic doctor, I need to work less and relax more, a tough assignment for any working father. I try to make time for stress-relieving activities, but my work schedule makes it difficult to accomplish this feat. Instead, I try to tolerate the stress levels and adjust myself accordingly.

Because of my high stress levels, I find myself less inclined to engage in sex. Before, I used to yearn for some intimacy with my wife. Now, I find it difficult to engage in the activity. I tend to feel anxious during sex. My erections appear weaker, while my stamina seems diminutive. Even while in the act, I find my mind worrying about tomorrow’s work assignments rather than pleasuring my wife—or myself. I’m stressed. I’m exhausted. I’m sexually dysfunctional. Please, what can I do?


Ask any working father how much time he gets to “rest.” Most will get little; few will get none. You appear to be part of the latter group. Your doctor is right to blame stress on your mounting problems. Stress, the silent actuator for illnesses, can cause a slew of problems, including moodiness, fatigue, stroke, heart attack, and depression.

Aside from adding to illnesses, stress can also cause a lack of focus during sex. For men, a lack of focus during sexy time can result in weak erections, early ejaculations, and even angry wives.

Boost Your Serotonin Levels; Decrease Your Stress

Stress is a neurological reaction to mounting problems that cause worry. Because stress is a caused by a chemical action, it too can be balanced by an equal and opposite reaction. You can minimize your stress levels with 5-HTP, the serotonin precursor that boosts your your brain's acetylcholine and parasympathetic nervous functions.

By increasing these functions, your body can handle more stress while blocking the alpha receptors that improve your erection.

As for your lack of sex drive/weak erections, it appears the stress levels seem to be too high to allow your mind to rest and enjoy sex. Instead, your brain’s focus continues to be on work.

Stress can cause your mind to deviate from the activity you wish to focus on. In this case, stress blocks you from concentrating on sex, resulting in weak erections and premature ejaculations. When your erections remain weak, the attempt to “harden” them can over stimulate your body. Once you do gain a hard erection, the added stimulation can lead to a premature explosion.

Find Out How These Healings Herbs Can Minimize Your Worry To ImproveYour Endurance!
Passion Flower -Known to reduce stress and curb anxiety, Passion Flower can improve your endurance. CLICK HERE to learn more.
Os Draconis - By serving as a sedative and anticonvulsive ingredient, Os Draconis calms the body to prevent an early ejaculation. CLICK HERE to learn more.
Schizandra - Known as nature's tranquilizer, Schizandra calms restless nerves. CLICK HERE to learn more.
Together these herbs form key ingredients of Ways to Eliminate Stress & Reduce Performance Anxiety.
Alleviate The Stress

Alleviating stress will require a mentally sound mind collated with activities ideal for reducing the stress. First, you may need to either reduce your workload or find methods for minimizing the stress level while still working your normal hours. Your stress levels will never be reduced if you continue on the same path you are on.

Next, you may want to look into taking all-natural supplements that help alleviate the stress and help you focus on your more intimate responsibilities. These products include herbs that improve your serotonin levels ideal for enhancing the mind to handle higher stress levels.

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